Pre-Orientation for New Transfer and Veteran Students

This is a unique opportunity for transfer and veteran students to move in early on campus and spend some time together before first-year orientation starts. While you'll still participate in orientation with all first-year students, we've found that transfer and veteran students have different orientation needs as they already have some college experience and/or professional experience and are often ready to dive deep into things like research and career-building opportunities. Our hope is that you will be connected to key administrators, faculty, staff, and student leaders as well as essential services, information, and resources to assist you in experiencing a successful first semester at Amherst College and beyond.

Important Dates for Fall 2023

August 24 - Move In Date for Transfer and Veteran Students Living On Campus

August 24 (Evening) - August 29 (Morning) - Pre-Orientation Sessions

August 25 - Course Registration 

August 29 - Move In Date for All Other First-year Students and First Day of General Orientation.

New Transfer and Veteran Students Emails Archive

6.2.23 Welcome Email to Transfer and Veteran Students 2023

6.15.23 Clarification on International & Transfer Student Pre-Orientation Programs

6.15.23 Inviting Exchange Students to International and Transfer/Veteran Pre-Orientation

7.28.23 Connect with each other on GroupMe! 

8.3.23 Schedules, Logistics, and Updates! Oh my

8.22.23 Arrival Details! 

Join our GroupMe chat ASAP here: 

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Before you arrive:

Make sure to check your Amherst College email regularly for important updates, reminders, and action items! 

Currently all transfer students have an email ending in “27”. That will be updated once your accurate class year is confirmed by the registrar later this summer, based on your transfer credits. Additionally, all first year students will be receiving a gift of a sweatshirt with their class year, and you will hear more about that in a few weeks when your class year is finalized. 

You can review: 

When you arrive:

Be excited to participate in a series of activities and workshops for not only educational purposes but also for fun community building!

The first days of your Amherst College Pre-Orientation experience will be guided by the Class & Access Resource Center staff and student orientation leaders, who will be available to answer your questions, hear any concerns, and share your excitement about Amherst College. 

Please note that on August 29, there are some opportunities for families to participate in orientation activities. If you have concerns about how to manage early move in and family participation in orientation, please reach out to directly so we can make a plan for you.

Move-In Guidelines

You will be able to move in on August 24, 2023. 

We will be based in – 

Keefe Campus Center 

(16 Barrett Hill Drive, Amherst, MA 01060) 

from 9AM to 5:00PM 


– to check you in. We will be on the first floor of Keefe, and we will be handing you your student ID (please make sure that you have submitted your ID photo following the guidelines), your dorm key, and other items for Pre-O. 


When you arrive, please log into the campus Wifi “eduroam” and log in with your Amherst credentials or make sure you have access to your phone data. You will need to present the QR code that you should have received from Housing and Operations this week at check-in. Once we match you in our system, we’ll be able to give you all your items. Friends and families are welcome to come and help! Our Pre-OLs will also be around to help with move-in. 


Note: For our international students, your key and ID will be at the CISE Pre-O check in at the Main Quadrangle at the Welcome Tent. Please stop by our check-in afterwards to receive your transfer student-related items. 


For parking, you can park your car temporarily on the side of Barrett Hill Dr. (marked orange on the map), check in with us at Keefe, and then drive to your dorm. Many of you will be living in Seligman House (67 Northampton Rd, Amherst, MA 01002) and there is parking right by the dorm. If you live in another dorm, we can share with you the best places to park when you check-in! If you’re not arriving by car, we will have shuttles to help you move your luggage, if needed. 


For any off-campus students, please plan to arrive on campus on August 24th, 2023 by *EDIT* 4:45pm EST. Our campus tour begins at 5:00PM EST.

For general new student questions, please email

For new transfer or veteran students questions, please email