Mission and Goals of First-Year Experience

First-Year Experience (FYE) empowers students to make the most of their first year as part of the exciting and diverse Amherst College community. FYE programs provide opportunities for students to heighten sense of belonging, enhance academic success, engage with faculty and staff, enrich overall wellness, and create connections to the college community that go beyond the classroom. Whereas Orientation prepared students to start their journey, FYE introduces students to conversations and resources at the moments during the year when they most need them.

By participating in FYE, students will develop a foundation for academic, social, educational and personal success. FYE equips students to:

  • Establish dynamic connections to peers and the overall Amherst College community
  • Engage with diverse ideas and experiences
  • Gain knowledge and skills that will help them on their intellectual development inside and outside the classroom
  • Participate in activities and learn strategies to nurture overall wellbeing
  • Use resources that can help them to be academically, personally and socially successful