Ruth Manzanares (she/her/hers)

An image of Ruth Manzanares on the beach in front of the ocean in a bright green shirt

"Remember that it is okay for you not to know everything from the start, after all that is why you're going to college. Don't be afraid to ask questions; go to office hours, ask for help, form a study group, use the resources available to you! It helps when you begin to reach out and it will help you realize the community you have."

Kevin Zhangxu (he/him/his)


1) "Always remember self-care and self-love. You have already given this college so much with just being here. Set time for you to be able to step away from your classes, your co-curriculars, your social life. Treat yourself!"

2) "Step out of your comfort zone. Take the step in joining a club that vaguely interests you (beginning of the semester, middle of the semester, end of the semester: IT DOES NOT MATTER). It may very well change your life!"

Christopher Lewis (he/him/his)

Christopher Lewis

“Change the definition of ‘Cool’. Walk up to a random person in the dining hall, classroom, Keefe, gym or wherever and just start a conversation. Amherst has many resources but the best resource is the diverse body of people on this campus, and you can gain the most knowledge out of your Amherst experience just by stepping out of your comfort zone and talking to someone you normally wouldn’t.”