Visitor Visas for Family Graduation Guests

International Seniors,

Many of you have family members who are starting to think about plans for visiting the United States to attend your graduation, possibly including the need to apply for visitor visas to enter the United States. At many US embassies and consulates, applicants for visitor visas are recommended or required to submit a “letter of invitation," confirming the legitimate basis for the applicant’s visit to the US. These letters of invitation for the families of international students and international family members of domestic students can be written by you, the student.  The Center for International Student Engagement (CISE) is happy to support you by issuing them, as well.  Please note that a formal invitation letter issued by the CISE is not required for your family member to obtain a visitor visa.

To compose the letter yourself, it is recommended that you include: your name, school, relationship to the applicant, name of applicant, applicant’s country of citizenship/permanent residency, dates expected to visit the United States, duration of visit, preferred arrival date, and how the applicant will be financially supported during the visit. The letter should be addressed to the specific US consulate or embassy where your family member will be applying for their visitor visa.

If you would like the CISE to issue you a leter, please submit the form below. Once we have received your submission, we will prepare the necessary letter(s) and notify you by email when they are ready. The letters will be issued in PDF format.  If you would like a hardcopy, please let us know and we will send to you via campus mail. You may then send the letter(s) to your family member(s) for inclusion with the visa application.

Please note that the form provides space for the request of 5 letters. If you need more than 5 letters, please complete a second form.

You should allow at least one week for preparation of the letter(s).

If you have questions, please feel free to visit us during advising hours or email us.

Student Pronouns (as you would like for them to appear in the letter): *
Person(s) who will require a "letter of invitation" for US visitor visa application.

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