Interterm: January 7-25, 2019

Interterm 2019 is an opportunity for students who will be on campus over the January term to enjoy programmatic, experiential learning experiences. Dates for Interterm 2019 are January 7-25.


Non-credit courses, workshops, and programs are now open for registration!

Interterm at Amherst College is a three-week period during the January break when students can: 

All aspects of the Amherst program can be found on this website including daily changes and updates.  For other events happening around campus, visit the Campus Events Calendar.

Interterm Housing:

Your residential status impacts your ability to live on campus for Interterm. Students residing on campus for both fall 2018 and spring 2019 are permitted to remain on campus and participate fully without needing to request prior approval to stay and participate (see Break Period Webpage)

Students who have been away from campus during fall 2018 are not permitted to return to campus until 1/26/19, which is also the date on which meal plans begin. Again, Interterm courses are programmatic and experiential opportunities designed for students remaining on campus (throughout the year) to have innovative and engaging options during the break. Unfortunately, these (not-for-credit) opportunities will not substantiate a request to move into your spring 2019 room assignment earlier than 1/26/19. 

Students going away for spring 2019 are required to vacate the residence hall on/by 12:00 pm (noon) on Saturday, 12/22/2018. Card Access ends at 5:00 pm on 12/22/2018 for all students not returning in the spring semester. Students are not permitted to remain on campus for Interterm courses.

There are limited exceptions which may apply (i.e. approved athletic team sponsored commitments, international travel, etc.) Prior approval is required. Email with questions.

Additional Information:

If you wish to teach a non-credit course, please fill out the Interterm Proposal Form linked to the left. Be sure to reserve space for your course before you complete the form. Spaces overseen by the Office of Student Activities can be reserved via Virtual EMS online requests. Please contact Paula Mieczkowski (413-542-8269) to reserve academic spaces.

For more information, contact the Keefe Campus Center-Student Activities Office @ (413) 542-8317 or by emailing