Between 2 Mammoths with Olivia Ward ’23

Season 1: Episode 1

President Elliott sits down with Olivia Ward ’23, a law, jurisprudence and social thought and economics double-major, to talk about the importance of voting, the work of the student organization and more.

Welcome to AC Votes!

The mammoth with a button saying I Voted and underneath saying AC Votes

Founded in 2018, Amherst Votes is a coalition of students and student groups working to increase voter registration and turnout among Amherst students. Our mission is to provide all students with the tools necessary to vote and cultivate a culture of civic engagement across campus.

We have voting representatives from all regions and civic engagement leaders from all athletic teams, so find their contact information below to reach out with any and all questions you have about voting!!

We make voting easy! TurboVote is a seamless guide for registering to vote, requesting absentee ballots, and receiving reminders of your choosing.


AC Votes

AC Votes is here to help you register to vote, check your registration status, and even sign up for election reminders.

Ineligible to Vote?

Amplify Issues That Matter to You

You can, and should, have a voice on issues that are important to you! Whether it's climate change, net neutrality, or anything in between, we want you to know that your voice matters. Social media is a helpful tool when it comes to spreading information and awareness, we encourage you to use those platforms to make your voice heard.

Use Trustworthy Sources

It’s important that we are all informed contributing members of society! Information can sometimes be manipulated by the media, to ensure you're getting impartial and reliable content check out the links below.

Fact Check Website

The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania created this nonpartisan, nonprofit project to monitor the factual accuracy of politicians, interviews, news releases, TV ads, and other U.S. political players.

All Sides Website

This website is not necessarily a fact-checking website, but more so a tool for readers to easily compare how bias influences reporting on various topics. They curate stories from the right, center, and left-leaning media to allow for well-rounded comparisons.