Frequently Asked Questions

I’m studying remotely this semester and I just finished filling out my absentee ballot, should I mail it or drop it off in person?

Again, contact your regional representative. Some states won’t let you drop it off in person, while others will. We can’t tell you what to do, but we encourage you to look at the calendar and think about the timing to determine the best course of action to make sure your ballot is received in time.

If I’m at home and I want to vote by mail for health reasons, but my ballot doesn’t arrive on time, can I just vote in person instead?

It depends on the state, so we recommend reaching out to your regional representative for help. Some states won’t allow you to vote in person if you’ve requested the absentee ballot, while others will. But if you go early vote for example, and then receive your absentee ballot before election day, please don’t fill it out.

If I ask ACVotes for help with my absentee ballot or voter registration form, do I need to check the box saying I received assistance?

Typically no. That box is for people with disabilities who might not be physically able to fill out the forms without another person’s assistance or oversight, such as someone who is blind, and not for people who just have procedural questions. If you have a disability that requires more assistance and are on campus, please email so one of our volunteers can help you.

I know who I’m voting for for President, but how am I supposed to know about all these local candidates?

Excellent question: Vote411, run through the League of Woman Voters, offers a tool that shows you what statewide offices will be on your ballot this fall, from Senate and Congressperson to things like Governor’s Council or State House Representative, with profiles of all the candidates and their positions on the issues. For town/county elections, Google “________ local election guide” and you should be able to find lots of detailed information from local voter groups that you can use to inform your decision.

I requested by absentee ballot—how long until it gets here?

With the current USPS slowdowns, we can’t always guarantee ballots will get there when promised. Check to see if your state has a ballot tracker tool, which can be used to monitor the mail status of your ballot. That’s also a good way to make sure that your filled-out ballot was received by local election officials.

Who should I reach out to if I have questions?

You can always email, DM our Instagram page @acvotes, or, if your question is about a state-specific policy, contact one of your regional reps, whose names and emails can be found on the website.

I think I registered to vote, but I can’t remember, how can I find out?

Our TurboVote page has a route for people who are “unsure” about their registration statuses. Most states also have an online tool where you can check your registration status, which TurboVote can help link you too.

Should I register to vote in my home state or at Amherst?

That’s for you to decide, we can’t tell you where to register, but once you make your final decision we can help you get registered wherever you choose, or switch your registration if that’s what feels right.