Reimbursement and Payment Information for Co-Sponsorships

Requesting a Purchase Order for an event: 

Requests for purchase orders must be arranged at least two business days prior to your event. On the day after your event, please make sure to bring the itemized receipt (tax free) and purchase order to Keefe 018 so that we may pay the vendor. Any purchase orders that are not returned will prohibit your group from making future co-sponsorship requests.   

Receiving a Personal Reimbursement (if you purchased items for an event with your own funds)

Please fill out an online Reimbursement FormOn this form you will be able to upload your receipts and event information. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your request to fully process. 

If you provided services for an event and need to be paid:

If you provided services for an event please drop by Keefe 018 to fill out a student appointment form and timesheet. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your payment to process. 

If you need to pay a vendor for services they provided:

Please note:  this means the vendor is willing to be paid after their services have been rendered. 

If funding for these services was formally granted to you by our office via co-sponsorship award email, please bring the invoice(s) along with the vendor's W-9 to the Student Activities Office Payment cannot be remitted to the vendor without a W-9 on file.  If the vendor has been paid by Amherst College in the past, then W9 documentation is not necessary.

Any other questions about funding and reimbursements please stop by Keefe 018.