Timeline for Approval FA23

1) Students can submit an RSO Proposal during the first 1-1/2weeks of fall semester OR first week of spring semester

2) Students will then meet with the Director of Student Activities & the New RSO Review Committee to review proposal materials. The review process typically takes 1-2 weeks.

3) Groups that move past this stage are then tentatively approved. Final approval is then determined once outstanding documents are retrieved and final steps completed.

4) Final steps include a training/orientation for new organizations, to be attended by the president and treasurer of the organization. This typically happens during the 3rd week of the semester. In addition, groups are expected to attend a final meeting with the Director of Student Activities. 

5) After one full semester in good standing, new RSOs are fully approved by the Office of Student Activities. 

6) New RSOs will then need to complete the first 3 semesters in good standing before receiving recognition through AAS. Recognition includes the ability to request a club budget. Prior to this point, RSOs are eligible to request AAS Discretionary funding. They can also receive funding through CAB and Student Activities co-sponsorships.