Generating A Party Registration

Party Registrations are only considered during each academic term while classes are in session and not during breaks/holidays/Reading Period/Finals as referenced by the Academic Calendar.

There are two types of parties that may be registered:

Basic Party - These parties are BYOB or Alcohol-Free with fewer than 99 attendees and take place in a residential hall. Registrations must be submitted at least 72-hours in advance. Registrations are reviewed by respective Assistant Directors of Residential Life in conjunction with the wishes of the hall residents.

Community Party - A party with more than 99 attendees AND/OR service of beer and/or wine. These may take place in a residence hall or event venue overseen by the Office of Student Activities. These registrations must be submitted at least ten days in advance. Registrations are reviewed by the Office of Student Activities in conjunction with registrant and Residential Life (if taking place in a residence hall). All Community Parties require the presence of a Crowd Manager.

All alochol presence at Community Parties must be approved and facilitated by the Office of Student Activities. All costs associated with the registration are furnished through the Office of Student Activities, including a crowd manager, non-alcoholic beverages, food, and beverage service (if applicable).


Register Your Party

All party registrations are now submitted via Virtual EMS.

How to Register Your Basic or Community Party

All Party Registrations are now to be submitted via Virtual EMS

  1. From the Reservation Tab select either ‘Party Registration - Basic’ or ‘Party Registration - Community’

  2. Once you are on the registration page, review the information and Party Host responsibilities

  3. Select the date that you would like to reserve and adjust the start time and end time to reflect the time of your party request.

  4. ‘As-Is’ is the default Setup Type for all party requests in residential spaces.

  5. Click the blue “Find Space” icon to search for available party spaces.

  6. Select the green ‘+’ button for your desired location and click ‘Continue’

  7. On the ‘Details’ tab, complete the party registration with the applicable information before submitting for approval.