Student Event Planning

The Student Life Office staff provides support and resources for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) planning an event or party on campus. The Student Life Office must approve the proposed event or party before it can take place.

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Note: Regular RSO meetings do not need to be registered or approved. 

Once your group has set a date and time for the event, follow these steps:                                  

Before the Event

  1. Secure funding
  2. Reserve space 
  3. Register the event or party
  4. Schedule a meeting with Student Life Office staff to review the proposed event or party (mandatory if event/party exceeding 100 people or has extensive catering, facilities, or AV needs)*  
  5. Complete event contracts (if any)**
  6. Publicize the event

After the Event

  1. Follow up on payment requests and reimbursement
  2. Evaluate the event


  • Students are encouraged to contact the Student Life Office ( for guidance at any point in the event planning process, including: 
    • Deciding on an event
    • Securing speakers/performers/licensing rights
    • Budgeting
    • Funding

*To meet with Student Life to approve and discuss your event:

  • Email to schedule a meeting, OR
  • Come to Student Life office hours in Keefe 017 between 3-4pm every weekday
  • If you are unable to meet in person, email

**RSOs should not complete an event contract prior to securing funding and having the event approved. It is recommended that student leaders do not sign an event contract without first seeking advisement of Student Life Office staff as there are College specific changes that often need to be made for safety regulations, food service, and payment methods.

Helpful Event Planning Links

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