South Asian Students Association (SASA)


The South Asian Students' Association (SASA) aims to address issues pertaining to South Asians (both diasporic and international) on campus. We work with professors, administrators and other student organizations to organize events such as Holi, Diwali, and Eid, create conferences and panels on politically relevant issues, and create forums for students to interact and inform. We also aim to help students get involved with advocacy and political activism. You can get involved with our organization by attending these events as well as the weekly meetings we hold where we discuss current issues.



President: Karina Thanawala (
Vice President: Trishala Roy (
Secretary: Adam Nathoo (
Treasurer: Sonakshi Dua (
Outreach Chair: Devaansh Mahtani (

Social Media

Facebook: @amherstsasa

Instagram: @amherstsasa