Our Director

Bulaong Ramiz-Hall  |  Director  | she/her/hers
Bulaong Ramiz-Hall

Major: BA in American Studies: Race and Ethnic Studies; MS in Counseling
Hometown: Hartford, CT
Hobbies: Shondaland, listening to podcasts, playing with my pups Charli and Capone


I am honored to serve the Amherst community as the Director of the Multicultural Resource Center. I joined the Amherst in August 2016 with a vision toward creating a more expansive conversation about racial idenity, equity, justice, and more. I believe in connection and accountability as the key to true community building and encourage students, faculty, staff, and community members to bring their full selves to the MRC.

Babyface Card | Race, Gender, and Sexuality Education Specialist | she/her/hers

Babyface picture

Major: BA in English: Medieval and Renaissance Studies; M.Ed. in Education: Social Justice Education
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA & Bronx, New York
Hobbies: Dancing to music of the diaspora, journaling, and Insecure


Working in the MRC has been an amazing and fulfilling experience! I love building community and helping aide students in bringing their full selves to the space. We encourage self-love, self care, and radical compassion which is necessary when doing social justice work. I look forward to all the learning, all the fun, all the love, and all the laughs!

Camille polk  |  Summer intern  |  she/her/hers

  Camille Polk Major: Prospective Sociology and Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
On-campus activities: Dance and Step at Amherst College (DASAC), First-Year Area Council
Hobbies: Dancing around in my room, listening to music, hanging out at the beach



I was introduced to the MRC on the Social Justice and Leadership LEAP trip. I was drawn to the center by the kindness of its directors and staff as well as the resources it offers students of color. Working at the MRC over summer I hope to build spaces where Amherst students can explore their racial identity and gain access to social justice education.

Our Student Staff 

 Olivia Zheng '20  |  Education Coordinator  |  she/her/hers

Olivia picture

Major: Prospective American Studies
Hometown: Fremont, CA
On-campus activities: Asian Students Association, Dance and Step at Amherst College (DASAC), Intersections Dance Company, Diversity Intern for Office of Admissions
Hobbies: Dancing, writing short stories, listening to Hamilton

The MRC was an entrance point for me into the world of social justice. I started working at the MRC in the fall of my first year, and it has hugely shaped my Amherst experience. Whether I'm particiapting in weekly discussions about current events, organizing workshops, or chilling in the MRC in between classes, the MRC has given me a sense of community on campus. Since my first year, I've further immersed myself into social justice work by becoming the Asian American Affairs Analyst for the East Coast Asian American Students Union. I hope to stand in solidarity with POC at Amherst and engage Asian American students on campus.

 Sade Green '20  |  Program Coordinator  |  she/her/hers


Major: Prosepctive English and Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought
Hometown: Long Island, NY
On-campus activities: AAS Senator, Black Student Union (BSU), African and Caribbean Students' Union (ACSU), Amherst Christian Fellowship (ACF)
Hobbies: Writing, working out at the gym, catching up on TV shows

I love the MRC because it is a place where cultural differences are celebrated and people can be themselves, always and in all ways.

 Tacia Diaz '19  |  Program Coordinator  |  she/her/hers

Tacia picture

Major: Sociology and Studio Art
Hometown: Miami, FL
On-campus activities: Conversation partner for English learners at the Jones Library
Hobbies: Val-sitting, reading, art-making

The MRC is a place where people are actively working to support and celebrate one another and I love being a part of that. It's a space to grow, both as a person and as a community member.

Amal Buford '19  |  Program Coordinator  |  he/him/his 

Amal picture

Major: Film and Computer Science
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
On-campus activities: NoCoast (Arts collective on campus), Vice President of Hip Hop Club, Activism
Hobbies: Listening to and making music, filmmaking, good tv shows, bike riding, talking about art, debating with capitalists

The MRC is a place that has at different points been a home, a place of learning, and a place of community for me. I feel that in my time working here, I've grown to better understand the ways in which systemic oppression manifests itself in our lives, and have found a passion in challenging it. I aim to continue to learn about the relationship between identity and power, and interrogate my own place in the structure of white supremacy.

Zoe Akoto '21 | Program Coordinator | she/her/hers

Zoe picture

Major: Prospective Economics and Sociology
Hometown: Kennett Square, PA
On-campus activities: Club Rugby, The Indicator, The Amherst Student, ACSU, BSU, Counsel of Amherst College Student Atheltes of Color (CACSAC)
Hobbies: Reading, sleeping, listening to podcasts

I’ve come to know the MRC as a space for community, where people can decompress and engage with each other while also coming together to address the social issues that prevent our community from uniting fully. I wanted to work at the MRC because I wanted to be a part of creating and cultivating both the space and the conversation, to be a part of a team working to foster understanding and bridge divides at Amherst. 

 Felix Wu '21 | Outreach Coordinator | he/him/his

Felix picture

Major: Prospective Economics and Biology
Hometown: Bethesda, MD / DMV
On campus activities:
Men's Soccer, Counsel of Amherst College Student Atheltes of Color (CACSAC)
Reading, napping, listening to music, exploring new places

For me, the MRC started as a somewhere where I could learn about and be comfortable with my own identity. It has become a home, a place of refuge, a center of community and support, where differences are celebrated and systems of oppression are broken down. Come say hi!

 Julia Pfatteicher '19  |  Outreach Coordinator  |  she/her/hers 


Major: Physics
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
On-campus activities: Design Thinking Challenge Fellow, Amherst Dance, Team Mead
Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, sewing

The MRC is certainly the most unique environment on campus. Although I can go to my room to relax or go to the library to read, at the MRC I can do this and more. The MRC values learning, self-care, and radical compassion, which are three of the most important ways in which I hope to live my life. One of the best parts of my week is Wednesday afternoon when the MRC is filled with lots of students and their laughter and I can hear all their stories. I hope that the influence of the MRC across campus may continue to grow and foster new friendships and bonds across all identities.

 Chris Lewis '19  |  Office Coordinator  |  he/him/his

Picture of Chris

Major: Economics and Psychology
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
On-campus activities: Men’s Soccer, BELONG campaign member
Hobbies: Playing the recorder, Skyping family, and remembering the MRC frog (RIP Meek)

My name is Chris Lewis and I’m the Office Coordinator here at the MRC. I’m from Kingston, Jamaica (just a bit warmer than Amherst) and I’m an Economics and Psychology double-major. I enjoy playing soccer, listening to Drake and talking to my family back home. I enjoy working at the MRC because I get to meet new people every single day and engage in conversations with people from different backgrounds while learning about there experiences. Everyday in the MRC is an opportunity to educate and to become more educated and I am grateful to be a part of this center!