Our Staffing Model

In order to align our “what we do...” with “how we do it...” the Multicultural Resource Center utilizes a collective based staffing model. We understand our work, to promote a multi-racial, racially just community, to be both a process and a goal and recognize our need for cultural norms, practices, and systems that empower us all.

We attempt to work together as a shared decision-making body while recognizing that we still operate within a larger institutional hierarchical structure. With that in mind, we understand that our Director, at times, makes unilateral decisions about the space, its operation, programming, staffing, and more while also intentionally working to include the MRC Staff Collective in decisions that would impact those who utilize the space.

As we work to formulate a new structure that can serve the Amherst community at large with specific emphasis on supporting communities of color, our staffing collective liaisons to various student clubs/organizations, resource centers, and campus partners in order to support, collaborate and share the work of creating a racially just Amherst. The communities that our student staff serve and liaison to are not fixed and will shift accordingly based on the identities, interests, and areas of expertise of our staff.

Our Staff Collective

Olivia Zheng '20  |   she/her/hers  

Olivia picture

Major: American Studies
Hometown: Fremont, CA
On-campus activities: Senior Chair of Asian Students Association, Dance and Step at Amherst College (DASAC), Diversity Intern for Office of Admissions
Hobbies: Watching cooking videos, dancing, spilling tea
MRC Liaison to: Asian Students Association, Office of Admisssion, Peer Advocates, Student ActivitiesSince I began working for the MRC in my first semester at Amherst, the MRC has become such a grounding community for me, the closest thing to a home on campus. I go to the MRC when I want to recharge, feel supported, and learn more about racial justice and POC solidarity in a non-academic setting. I have a particular interest in Asian American racial identity as well as issues of transnational migration and citizenship.


Photo of Sade Major: English and Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought
Hometown: Long Island, NY
On-campus activities: AAS Senator, Black Student Union (BSU), African and Caribbean Students' Union (ACSU), Amherst Christian Fellowship (ACF)
Hobbies: Writing, working out at the gym, catching up on TV shows
MRC Liaison to: South Asian Students Association, Korean Students Association, the Writing Center

I love the MRC because it is a place where cultural differences are celebrated and people can be themselves, always and in all ways.

zoe akoto '21 | she/her/hers

Photo of Zoe

Major: French and American Studies
Hometown: Kennett Square, PA
On-campus activities: The Indicator, African and Caribbean Students' Union, Black Students' Union, Resident Counselor
Hobbies: listening to podcasts, making puns, obeying the rule of three
MRC Liaison to: African and Caribbean Student Union, Women's and Gender Center, Office of Residential Life

I’ve come to know the MRC as a space for community, where people can decompress and engage with each other while also coming together to address the social issues that prevent our community from uniting fully. I wanted to work at the MRC because I wanted to be a part of creating and cultivating both the space and the conversation, to be a part of a team working to foster understanding and bridge divides at Amherst.

felix wu '21 | he/him/his

Photo of Felix

Major: Economics and Biology
Hometown: Bethesda, MD / DMV
On campus activities: 
Men's Soccer, Council of Amherst College Student Athletes of Color (CACSAC)
Reading, napping, listening to music, exploring new places
MRC Liaison to: Council of Amherst College Student Athletes of Color, Middle Eastern Students and Studies Association

For me, the MRC started as a somewhere where I could learn about and be comfortable with my own identity. It has become a home, a place of refuge, a center of community and support, where differences are celebrated and systems of oppression are broken down. Come say hi!

Camille Polk '21 | she/her/hers

Photo of Camille

Major: Sociology and Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
On-campus activities: Dance and Step at Amherst College (DASAC), Residential Counselor
Hobbies: Dancing around in my room, listening to music, hanging out at the beach
MRC Liaison to: Alumni and Parent Programs

I was introduced to the MRC on the Social Justice and Leadership LEAP trip. I was drawn to the center by the kindness of its directors and staff as well as the resources it offers students of color. I am excited to support women of color and students of mixed race backgrounds. 

CY Nguyen '21  | SHE/HER/they/them
person holding sandwich

Major: Sociology and Asian Languages & Civilizations
Hometown: Garden Grove, CA
On-campus activities: 
Collecting frog figurines, nurturing plants, desperately trying to find good Asian cuisine in Western Mass, writing Yelp reviews
MRC Liaison to: Alumni and Parent Programs

 For me, this place is the calm before the storm—before, after, in-between classes. Just a quick pit stop to print or say hi. The MRC is a fluid, ever-changing space that changes to suit my needs. It is a place of education, anti-racism, quiet nap corners with coffee and tea at the ready, and most importantly: constant friendly faces.

Amy nguyen '22 | She/Her/Hers

Woman Smiling  

Major: Computer Sciences
Des Moines, IA
On-campus activities: 
Co-Outreach Chair of Asian Student Association (ASA), QuestBridge Low-Income Community (QBLIC), Diversity Intern for Office of Admissions
 journaling, making people laugh, painting, listening to music, and doing anything as long as it's with people I care about <3
MRC Liaison to: --
Initially I found the MRC to be an intimidating space, but I embraced my discomfort and walked right in. I was warmly welcomed, and ever since, the space has become a large part of my Amherst experience. I love being able to share my identity and learn more about others in a safe, comfortable place. It's really refreshing to easily find people who have a common goal of what community on campus should look like. It is a place I can find support for all my intersectional identites that make me who I am! 

Kai Ahmadu '22 | he/him/his

Picture of Kai Major: Black Studies and Anthropology
Hometown: Washington, DC
Hobbies: Sharing music, trying weird food combinations
Salient identities: Ethnically Sierra Leonian and culturally African American

oheoghosa osaigbovo '23 | He/him/his

Major: Biochemistry and Mathematics
Hometown: Lynn, Massachusetts
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, watching tv, making people laugh
Salient identities: Nigerian and low-income

I want to contribute to the inclusive space the MRC creates. The MRC provides a space where, regardless of race, everyone is accepted and celebrated for their differences.