Multicultural Resource Center Staff

Adrianna Turner

Interim Director


Ajanae Bennett

Ajanae Bennett Peer Diversity Educator

Hi everyone! My name is Ajanae Bennett and I am a current junior from Brooklyn, NY. I am double majoring in Mathematics and Statistics and after college I hope to be an actuary. If I am not working as a Peer Diversity Educator in the MRC, you will see me dancing in the Friedman Room with DASAC, coordinating events for the BSU, providing help as a Stats Fellow and peer tutor in Merrill or hanging in Charles Drew House. I am really excited to be working at the MRC and I look forward to having meaningful discussions around multiculturalism this year.

Jessi Wilcox

Jessi Wilcox Peer Diversity Educator

Hi everyone! My name is Jessi Wilcox and I'm a second-semester Senior ('16E) from Indianapolis, IN. I'm a Mathematics major and after graduation I hope to enter the tech or social justice/non-profit fields. (Eventually I'd ideally intersect the two paths!) What I love most about working at the MRC as a Peer Diversity Educator is the opportunity to have meaningful discussions and attend events revolving around multiculturalism and intersectionality that I don't find inside my Math courses! When I'm not working at the Multicultural Resource Center, you can find me at BSU events/meetings or in the IT department. One goal for myself this semester is to pull myself out of my comfort zone by attending a lecture or meeting on an issue I may not agree with in order to challenge my own stance on the matter, and hopefully grow from the experience!

Rachel Nghe

Rachel Nghe Peer Diversity Educator

Hello all! My name is Rachel Nghe and I am a senior, Political Science and Asian Languages & Civilizations double major. During my free time, you will probably find me in my room drinking ginger tea while (re)watching Suits or Game of Thrones, crocheting a scarf for a friend, or sitting in a coffee shop corner for hours on end. To be honest, although doing MRC work is great, what I love most about working for the MRC is when I am not working. Sitting with students, chatting with friends, or seeing everyone else use the space as a haven for dialogue and interaction is the most rewarding and gratifying. One life goal that is out of my comfort zone is to go to a hip hop club meeting and feel highly uncomfortable freestyle rapping.

Kali Robinson

Kali Robinson Peer Diversity Educator

Hi! My names is Kali, and I’m class of 2017 Asian Languages and Civilizations Major with a focus in Chinese (你好!). I’m a Peer Diversity Educator working in the MRC this semester, and aside from bringing welcome to all students of all backgrounds to the MRC, I also enjoy making music, dancing, cooking at the zü, sleeping, and meeting new people. The best part of all these activities is that they allow me to do the last one on the list: meet new people! I love that in the MRC I have the opportunity to offer a safe space on campus to SOC (All of you, black, white, Asian, South American or otherwise!). I love that I have the opportunity to provide programming in the MRC space that will offer students new encounters at Amherst. I’m excited to be able get out of my comfort zone, to reach my goal of bring the loove to MRC, Amherst College and the broader 5 College area. 以后见!

Dakota Foster

Dakota Foster

Peer Diversity Educator

I'm from Brunswick, Maine, which is about three and a half hours northeast of Amherst. Right now I'm in the midst of my sophomore year at Amherst, where I am double-majoring in Political Science and Asian Languages/Civilizations with a concentration in the Middle East. Beyond the classroom, I play on the Amherst Women' Lacrosse Team, am one of the RCs of Morrow Dorm, serve on the executive board of the Amherst Political Union, work as a tour guide, and coordinate the Women's Lacrosse Team's community engagement with the CCE as an ATEL.  In my free time (of which there is very little), I like to be outdoors, running, reading, or watching TV.  I love working at the MRC because of the people in the space and conversations that come from it.  I also am a strong believer in the importance of the residential experience, and thus I enjoy working on MRC residential programs.  My "discomfort" goal for this year is to better engage with the arts at Amherst by attending more plays, concerts, and shows. If you're hanging out in Keefe, come in and say hi, I'd love to meet you!

Tim Lee

Tim Lee Peer Diversity Educator

Hi everyone! My name is Tim Lee, and I’m currently a sophomore from Toledo, OH. I’m a double major in psychology and statistics and hope to become a professor in the behavioral sciences. When I’m not working as a Peer Diversity Educator, you can find me being an RC, running, doing yoga, or discussing political issues at the Asian Student Association. I’m really excited about working in the MRC, because it’s a safe space that allows me to explore the intersection of my academic, co-curricular, and personal interests. One of my goals that’s out of my comfort zone is to meet new people from all class years. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the MRC!