Our Mission

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) works to support students who identify as *people of color (POC) at Amherst College by providing a place for community building and resources to navigate institutional structures. Rooted in the framework of intersectionality, the MRC serves as a space where students of color can celebrate their identity and where the Amherst community can participate in conversations that expand our collective understanding of racialized experiences. The MRC works to interrogate systems of racial inequity, to promote racially just communities, and to honor the historic and present-day resilience of POC." 

*we use people of color here as a collective term for individuals belonging to racially marginalized group(s) including Latinx/o/a/e, Black, Asian, Indigenous/First Nations, Pacific Islanders, and those racialized outside of whiteness. 

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Amherst women at the Women's March on Washington

Our Vision

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