Our Collective Vision

As Imagined by Our Student Staff

AMAL '19: I envision the MRC as space of healing, growth, and action. We center black and brown students, students of color, and students of the global majority. As a community member, I strive to cultivate a culture of learning and accountability through providing specific resources (programming, conversation, emotional labor) for my fellow community members. I hope to always acknowledge and celebrate the intersectionality of identities, and to make the MRC a place where students can learn from others, realize themselves, and realize their potential.

IRIS '18: The MRC has always been a space where I can be my authentic self. One of few places where I can both grow and be validated in that growth, I want the MRC to be the place where the “messiness” of all our identities are each held to its highest pedestal. The vision of the MRC is happening now, in the way which students who we center in the space are thriving and living in spite of the ways of the world. Happiness and unlimited joy is radical, and it happens everyday in our center.

CHRIS '19: I see The MRC as a home. It’s the epitome of a safe-haven amidst anarchy. It’s a space of celebration, confrontation, and growth. The MRC is an amplifier, raising the voices, thoughts and actions of everyone in the space. The MRC embraces radicalism, destroys injustices and promotes equitable love. The MRC is more than a Resource Center, it’s a vision made into a reality.

TACIA '19: I want to work towards: serving as a well of all manners of healing- being a place to bring your anger, your hurt, your growth. Towards offering full-bodied support to students of color; not just references to resources, but Nourishment (social, emotional, intellectual), Honesty, and in every single way that we can, Accountability. Towards being a place where you don’t have to justify or defend your actual humanity.

JULIA '19: I see the MRC as a learning space, where students can learn more about themselves and the experiences of others. As a center governed by inclusivity and diversity, I hope that we can celebrate the intersectionality of students and the many identities they hold, while still centering students of color. I look forward to the future of the MRC myself as a student as well as a future alumnus; I hope it will remain a community that will embrace the radical compassion of the students that came before, and those that come after.

EVA '18: The MRC is a space not only of radical compassion and self-love, but of community. It is a place for people to negotiate their identity and connections to the larger world. It is a place of growth, of justice. It promotes visibility for those who are often rendered invisible within and outside the physical space of the center.

OLIVIA '20: I see the MRC as a radical community where we can hold each other together. It is an intentional resistance to “color-blind” America and the structures which have continually erased our identities and resilience as individuals and as a community. The MRC is a celebration of our truths and our vulnerabilities. It is a place for the generation of joy and resistance to the dominant narrative.

ZOE '21: I see the MRC as a haven for students of color, trying to navigate and negotiate their place at an institution that has historically not existed for them and their achievement. To me, the MRC is a hub for community, dialogue, and a separation from the stresses of daily life at Amherst. I envision the center serving as such for all of Amherst’s students of color, regardless of background or campus status. 

FELIX '21: I see the MRC as a place of personal growth and discovery where we support and give space to people of color in their own journeys. The MRC will most purely exist as a community of love and respect, a place of dialogue, a sanctuary and oasis from the systems of oppression where we can relax, unburden ourselves, and experience true healing and happiness on a campus that may not naturally offer an outlet for these experiences.