LGBTQ+ Resources during COVID-19

The WGC and QRC teamed up to collect key resources for our LGBTQ+ Community during this period of social distancing and time away from campus. Please make use of them and share with friends and loved ones. As always, wishing you and your loved ones safety, health, and endless affirmation, now and always. 

Trans Health Resources @ Distance- Q + A regarding access to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), as well direction on how to access the gender affirmation resources that the Centers carry. 

COVID-19 and Regional Resources- A compilation of international, national, and regional resources centering LGBTQ+ folks, including LGBTQ Community Centers, Health Centers, and Shelters. Is not exhaustive and is in an on-going project. Click here to submit a resource you're familiar to be added! 


Trans Mentorship Program Poster, background in green-blues, and gold. Text in Purple and white. QRC/WGC Logos in upper left corn

Now accepting participants! (registrations due by 8/24)

This program is for incoming and current students of trans experience, including those who explicitly identify as Transgender, Nonbinary, Gender Nonconforming, Genderqueer, Agender, Questioning and/or at some distance from the gender they were assigned at birth and/or who are exploring their gender identity. Through the guidance and support offered by program mentors, Participants will be intentionally connected to existing trans communities, resources, and the college community at large. Please indicate your interest by August 24th, 2020. The mentorship program will begin in the Fall 2020.

Apply here!

Community Standards Report

Complete this form if a student of concern has aggrieved you, another person, or has violated the community standards in our Student Code of Conduct.  When the College receives this form, it will attempt to contact the sharing party (if not anonymous) for the purpose of discussing informal response or the initiation of an adjudication process.