Queer Resource Center Mission and Goals


The mission of the Queer Resource Center is to affirm, celebrate, and support the queer and transgender community at Amherst College. The QRC seeks to empower the lives of queer and trans people by honoring the intersections of their identities and by interrogating and interrupting heterosexism and cissexism. The QRC provides intentional educational and social programming that centers the lived experiences of queer and trans people, creates opportunities for community building, and fosters dialogue across and within difference.

Through dynamic programming and educational outreach, the QRC seeks to improve the campus climate for queer students and advocate for the respect and safety of all members of the campus community. In collaboration with other campus organizations and departments, the QRC works to meet the needs of students to promote personal and leadership development.

We sponsor educational, social and campus community-building programs. Our library has an extensive collection of books and DVDs concerning queer issues/topics. Space can be used for club meetings, studying, and hanging out. The QRC networks with campus, Five College and Amherst area organizations in order to build a stronger community and support system for the queer students of Amherst College.

*Queer* Queer is an umbrella term used to be inclusive of all sexual and gender identities that challenge the norm.

Program Goals

  • Provide intentional efforts that promote gender and sexual identity development
  • Provide spaces (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) that holistically support queer and trans students
  • Provide educational resources and programming for queer and trans students, allies and the campus community in order to create a safer and more supportive campus environment
  • Provide opportunities to celebrate the leadership, identity, and diversity of the Amherst College queer and trans student, staff and faculty community     
  • Advocate for systemic change that creates services, policies, and procedures that are inclusive of sexual and gender diversity

  Transgender Symbol with Raised Fist Symbol inside