Queer Alumni at Amherst

Queer Alumni at Amherst  
LGBTQIA Alumni Listserv & Affinity Network

Want to stay in the loop with queer Amherst alums? Join the “Out at Amherst” listserv! We are overhauling the listserv and are excited to put it to use during the upcoming academic year. If you would like to be added to the LGBTQ Alumni contact list, send an email. To learn more about the alumni affinity network, visit their website.

Alumni Newsletter

Keep up with campus happenings and opportunities for alumni to get involved by signing up for the QRC's new alumni newsletters! Email qrc@amherst.edu to sign up or get involved.

Queer Alumni Oral History Project

We are currently gearing up to prepare for a project focusing on queer history at Amherst College. This project has three parts: (1) archival material preservation, (2) oral history collection, and (3) an exhibit showcasing Amherst’s queer history. There are numerous ways to assist with this project both large and small, and any contribution is greatly appreciated. We are especially eager to hear from alumni from the 1960s and prior (though alumni from all time periods are welcome) and receive donations of photos, flyers, posters, and other visuals representation of queer life at Amherst! If you are interest in contributing, please email Angie Tissi-Gassoway at atissi@amherst.edu.


Homecoming takes place November 7-9, 2014! Stay tuned for more information about alumni events hosted by the QRC!