Pride Alliance

Pride Alliance is the student organization for queer and trans students at Amherst College. Pride meets Thursday nights in the QRC.

Questions? Email or find the Pride Alliance Facebook Group.

QTPOC: Queer & Trans People of Color

QTPOC is a group for queer and trans students of color within the Five Colleges consortium.

Questions? Email

TransActive: Five College Trans Support Group

TransActive is a group for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students within the Five Colleges consortium. It was founded with the goal of creating a stronger trans community in the Amherst area, and is open to those questioning their gender identity as well. Meetings are Sundays, 1-2:30pm. 

Questions? Email or join the TransActive Facebook Group.

Ace/Aro Support Group

Ace/Aro Support Group is a closed space for those who identify as asexual, aromantic, questioning, or along either spectrum to affirm and celebrate their identities. Ace/Aro meets on a biweekly basis.

Questions? Email or join the Ace/Aro Facebook Group.

Amherst Athletes & Allies

Amherst Athletes & Allies is safe space for queer and trans athletes and their allies to discuss the intersectionality of their identities. Meetings are Monday nights on a monthly basis. 

Questions? Email

Amherst Safe Space for Kinksters (ASK)

ASK is a social, support, and education group for kink, fetishes, BDSM, open/poly relationships and other alternative sexualities and relationships.

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Image of Marsha Johnson, reading "No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us," and "we honor her legacy by supporting trans women of color to live and lead."