Angie Tissi-Gassoway, MPH, M.Ed

Welcome to the QRC website! My name is Angie! My pronouns are she, her, hers and I am the Director of the Queer Resource Center and Assistant Dean of Diversity & Inclusion here at Amherst College. I joined Amherst after earning my Masters of Public Health focusing on LGBTQ Sexuality and Student Leadership from Oregon State University. I recently completed a second Masters in the Social Justice Education Program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst focusing on Queer Student Leadership and Intergroup Dialogue. I am passionate about creating spaces that are intentional, brave, honor and celebrate intersectonality, as well as challenge heteronormativity and cis-sexism. In my free time you will find me sipping tea, baking, traveling, gardening, playing with our adorable frenchie (Baxter Magolda) and loving life!! If you have any qustions or want to learn more about the resources and services the QRC provides, do not hesitate to email atissi[@] or call 413-542-5114.

Nayah Mullings '17
Education and Advocacy Coordinator

Hey everyone! I’m Nayah and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I spent my childhood in Maryland in a Tanzanian/Jamaican household, and my middle and high school years growing up in Tanzania. I'm majoring in Sociology, I am completing a Five College Certificate in African Studies and hope to go into Social Work in the future. On campus I'm a part of the African & Caribbean Students' Union, the Black Student Union and Women's Chorus (soon to be re-named something not gendered yay!). I love to sing, I love cinnamon rolls, and can’t wait to meet you in the QRC! If you want to talk about identities we may share, what I do in the QRC or my experiences at Amherst, feel free to contact me at anytime at

Saren Deardorff '17
Education and Advocacy Coordinator


Hi there, my name's Saren! My pronouns are he/him/his. I'm a senior at Amherst and am currently studying both Sexuality, Women's & Gender studies (SWAGS) and Black Studies. I have a passion for the outdoors and absolutely love hiking. I also enjoy writing, and listening to some good tunes (while procrastinating.) If you have any questions regarding the queer/trans communities at Amherst, or just want to talk, don't hesitate to send me an email at New friends are always welcome!  

Asa Li '20
Office Coordinator


Hey! My name is Asa, and I don't have a preferred pronoun. (I don't really care about this, at least at the moment, but if I have to pick one, "he", "ze" and "they" would all be fine.) I am an international student from Chengdu, China, a city famous for pandas and spicy food (Chili oil rocks!). I work at the QRC as the office coordinator, but since sitting in an office can get boring, I might also from time to time want to carry out some weird programs :). In particular, I enjoy exploring socio-philosophical questions such as scrutinizing the institution of marriage. I also find it intriguing to imagine about futuristic concepts, like the idea of a post-gender society. I love talking to myself, but not as much as to YOU, so please come find me in the QRC or hit me up at! 

Silvia Mavares '18
Outreach Coordinator


Hi there! My name is Silvia, and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I'm a junior currently studying Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought. I grew up in Miami, but I am originally from Venezuela. As a Program Coordinator, I hope to create events that bring people together to talk about relevant issues in productive ways. I'm a huge fan of dogs, cooking, and the Boston Red Sox. I urge everyone to stop by the QRC because it's an amazing place where remarkable conversations happen. If you have any questions or suggestions, email me at!

Matthew Holliday '19
Outreach Coordinator 


Hey everyone! I’m Matthew Holliday, I use he, him, his pronouns and I am the outreach coordinator at the QRC! I hail from Brooklyn, NY from the predominately black neighborhood of Bedstuy. As a Theater & Dance and Black Studies double major, I hope to liberate black artsy, specifically queer POC art and culture, and expose relevant information about our inherited queer histories through movement and text. As your outreach coordinator, I aim to maintain the integrity of the QRC and its communication between the larger Amherst and Five-College community. 

Ramona Celis '19
Program Coordinator


Hello! My name is Ramona, and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I am a sophomore and am a prospective Biology and Neuroscience major here at Amherst. I also am an active member of the Glee Club and the yearly musical. Besides my pronounced interests in musical theatre and science, I am an incurable trekkie, and can be found watching DS9 most nights while not busy. I also consider myself a bit of an artist when I have the time. The QRC is a wonderful, open space for all, and I would encourage anyone who can to stop by and visit sometime. If you have any questions regarding being trans at Amherst, have a questions about my role at the QRC, or just want to introduce yourself and say ‘hi,’ please email me at! 

Marvin Bell '19E
Program Coordinator


Hi, my name is Marvin! I use he/him/his pronouns. I am second semester sophomore double majoring in Sociology and History. When not reading masterpieces by Audre Lorde, you can catch me in the dance studio brushing up on modern and ballet technique. If by chance I am not dancing, you can find me in the QRC where I am a program coordinator. While I am passionate about most things that life has to offer, I take particular pleasure in watching Penny Dreadful, listening to Lana Del Rey or Damian Marley, and watching ballet. If you’d like to know more about me, my varied passions, and the programs that I plan to organize for the QRC, please reach out to me at:  

Esteban Uceda '19
Program Coordinator


Hi there! My name is Esteban, I use he/him/his pronouns and I come from Lima, Peru. I am sophomore and I am a prospective Neuroscience and SWAGS (Sexuality, Women’s, and Gender Studies) major. I am passionate about queer issues and LGBT+ rights, and I’m very excited to work in the Queer Resource Center and advocating for the community. I hope to see you there!