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Queeriosity: Milk and Milk and Cookies

By Bonnie Drake '17, Contributing Writer to The Amherst Student

Every National Coming Out Day, The Pride Alliance watches “Milk” while eating milk and cookies!When many people think of the gay community, they picture wild raves and drunken sex. These images come at the expense of any sort of family life, especially one involving children. The reality lies somewhere in between. Just as some straight people don’t want families, some gay people don’t want children. However, many do. I consider myself to be in that group — I love children, I babysit at every opportunity and I make an utter fool of myself when there are small children in Val. Still, I often feel myself excluded from both the ideal and the reality of family life, even in peripheral contexts. I’m queer, and I hesitate to even disclose my sexuality when company comes over with kids. Will the parents be upset if their children know I like women? What if they think I’m trying to “convert” their kids? What if, what if, what if.

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