The Stonewall Committee, in partnership with the Robert Frost Library and the Mead Art Museum, presents the following resources to anyone interested in learning more about the Stonewall Rebellion and its legacies.

Book Display at Robert Frost Library

Starting November, Frost Library will display media featuring LGBTQ+ writers and reflections front-and-center on the first floor of Frost Library.


Research Guide, presented in collaboration with the Robert Frost Library

Subject Guide, presented in collaboration with the Mead Art Museum (TBA, Spring 2020) 


Learn more about LGBTQ+ influences and artists in this semester’s gallery exhibitions: 

Selected Shorts by Tourmaline:The Atlantic Is A Sea of Bones (2017), Happy Birthday, Marsha! (2018), Salacia (2019) | November 14, 2019 | 5:00pm- 6:15pm | Stirn Auditorium  

Day With(out) Art | December 1-7, 2019 | Mead Art Museum 

HIV/AIDS at Amherst: Insight from the Archives | December 1-7, 2019 | A Level Display Cases, Frost Library

Week-long display of selected materials from the Amherst College archive relating to the community responses and conversations around HIV/AIDS