Student Health Center

As of May 2014, Amherst College student health insurance coverage now includes hormone replacement therapy, gender reassignment surgery and gender-related counseling.

Presentation-Based Resources

Starting in Fall 2017, the QRC has a supply of binders, gaffs, packers, and basic makeup supplies accessible to all students. Trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and questioning students are welcome to enter the center, take a resource (and try it on if necessary), and leave. If your size/color is not available, please email the QRC or speak with the director. Resources are in the top right drawer of the set of cabinets directly to the left of the door to the center (underneath the informational pamphlets). Anything in that drawer is up for grabs. 

Please see below for descriptions of the offered resources, as well as for several websites these items can be purchased from.

Binders: An article of clothing designed to compress the chest. Used most frequently by trans men and transmasculine people, these should not be worn all the time, and should not cause pain!

Gaffs: Compressive underwear designed for trans women and transfeminine people, although it is often also marketed to those who cross-dress. Used to making tucking easier, and to obtain a flatter front.

Packers: Sometimes worn by trans men and transmasculine people, packers can be either padding or a phallic object used to give the impression of the wearer having a penis.

Makeup: Supplies include eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, and nailpolish.