The Free Closet

A photo of a closet with lights around a mirror

Lights around the mirror in the AC Free Closet

Are you currently looking for new/different clothes, but don’t have access? Whether you’re looking for clothes that better fit and/or match your current body shape/size, are more weather appropriate, affirming of your gender, or you’re just looking to explore actuating your gender in different ways, come check out the new FREE CLOSET!

Coordinated by folks from the QRC, WGC, and the Health Center, and others across Student Affairs, the Free Closet is available to all Amherst College students who are looking to have access to new clothes! It is operated via donations from the larger Amherst College community. We’ve also made sure there’s a health supply of gender affirming resources, such as packers, gaffs, and binders, in the space from the QRC and WGC! The space is located temporarily in the Health Center, and COVID-19 protocols are being taken.

To schedule a clothing closet appointment, visit the AC Clothing Closet Appointment Scheduler. Spend as long as 45 minutes viewing/trying on clothing and shoes, as well as have access to a variety of other accessories or products. Everything in the clothing closet is free.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email

Photos of the Free Closet at Amherst College