Religious & Spiritual Life

Religious & Spiritual Life — Faith

Religious services, learning, community and mentorship

Religious & Spiritual Life — Spirituality

Practices and experiences to nurture your own sense of wholeness and integration

Religious & Spiritual Life — Meaning

Personal worldviews that incorporate your values and beliefs

Religious & Spiritual Life — Action

Moving from conviction to action for a better world

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (RSL) helps students to live their faith, explore spiritual practices, and make meaning within themselves and the world. We strive to meet each student where they are—whether continuing within a religious or humanist tradition, seeking among them, or exploring outside of them. We work to support personal wholeness, interfaith understanding, and collective wellbeing.

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Cadigan Center Our Religious and Spiritual Advisors look forward to meeting you and are available for individual counsel and advice. Most of these advisors have office hours (posted on this site) and all are available by appointment. Feel free to contact any of the staff by telephone, email, or in person. We value your comments. 

Our offices are located in The Cadigan Center for Religious Life at 38 Woodside Avenue (south of Newport House and behind the President's House). Visit our campus map to see where the Cadigan Center is in relation to the rest of campus.