Reserving Space at the Cadigan Center

Reservation policy: the Cadigan Center for Religious Life is open for use by all members of the College community.  Use of the Cadigan Center should be consonant with a fundamental respect for religious traditions.  Priority will be given to individuals and organizations identified with student religious groups or with the activities of any of the Religious Advisors.

Several areas are available: The Kitchen Conference Room (with an 8-person conference/dining table and small kitchen); The Dining Room (serves also as an informal conference room for 4-15 people); The Living Room (with fireplace, cozy sofas and chairs for 4-20 people); and the front hallway for gathering and table for refreshments and handouts. The rooms open onto an enclosed backyard that can be used for outdoor reflection, meeting or dining. The Cadigan Center also houses a kosher/halal kitchen.

If you or your group are new to reserving space at Cadigan or if you have a new gathering in mind, please begin by emailing Rev. Dr. Paul Sorrentino, Director of Religious & Spiritual Life about your hopes. If it looks like a good match, we will recommend that you follow through with Cindy Dumais-Holubowich, Secretary for the Religious Advisors, at 542-8789. Cindy maintains the bookings for Cadigan and will follow through with you on the best reservation possible.