Cadigan Center Usage Guidelines

We are updating the guidelines for spring, 2013. In the meantime, please observe the following guidelines when using any area of the Cadigan Center.

General Instructions

  • Leave the Center the way you found it. Treat this area as you would if you were a visitor in someone’s home.
  • If you open the patio doors (or any windows) please make sure they are closed and locked prior to your leaving. If you use the center after 5:00 P.M. be sure to lock the door when you leave.
  • You may move chairs outdoors, but please do not leave any indoor furnishings outside. Also please wind umbrella down when finished in case of severe wind .
  • If you serve food be sure to clean up afterward. Please remove all food from the premises when you leave and put your trash in the dumpster in the driveway south of the building.
  • If you move furniture please return it to its original location.
  • You may park in front of the Center and in the driveway and along the south side of Woodside Ave. We ask that you refrain from parking on the neighborhood lawns. Please take care not to block the sidewalk.

Specific Instructions

Main Entrance

The secretary's desk is a personal space, but you may use the phone.

The two large tables may be used. If you remove printed material or other items from the tables, please put them back when you are finished.

Conference Room/Kitchen

You may use the kitchen area, but you must wash all dishes and clean the area thoroughly when you are finished.

Cupboards and drawers are clearly labeled. Please return all items to their proper places.

Dining Area

Please wipe off tables and chairs after eating in this space. Leave tables and chairs grouped as you found them.

Living Room Area

  • The TV, DVD, and VCR are available for your use. Just be sure to turn them off when you are finished. Please do not move the TV from the room.
  • You need explicit permission from Paul Sorrentino in order to use the fireplace.
  • There is a small vacuum cleaner located in the left closet in the conference room. Please use as needed.
  • Put all garbage in the dumpster outside the Center.
  • Extra garbage bags are located in the same cupboard as the vacuum cleaner.