Rev. Michael Heningham currently serves as the pastor of St Stephen Antiochian Orthodox Church in Springfield. He has provided pastoral counseling throughout Western Massachusetts, and is a Benedictine Oblate associated with the community of St Raphael of Brooklyn in Easthampton. Fr. Michael studied Applied Orthodox Theology and received a master’s from the St. John of Damascus Theological Seminary of the University of Balamand, Beirut, Lebanon. His graduating thesis presented the connection between early Egyptian monasticism and the developments of Christian monastic experiences in both Ireland and Anglo-Saxon England. As a youth pastor, he had already earned a master’s in Divinity and Pastoral Counseling from Liberty Theological Seminary of Virginia, combining the study of psychology and the healing sources of Biblical wisdom. Fr Michael attended Stockton University of New Jersey for his undergraduate studies earning a B.A. in Medieval History, with a focus on Byzantine History, Patristics, medieval languages, and his final project was a paper discerning the ecclesiastical and military opportunities for advancement in medieval society. Recently, he has studied Liturgical Theology at St Vladimir’s Seminary in New York with a concentration on the developments of the western and eastern liturgical expressions in Eucharistic liturgies. He is looking forward to the opportunity to serve the community, and to learn from its members while enjoying their fellowship in Jesus Christ.

Title: Affiliate Advisor for Orthodox Christian Ministry
PO Box: AC# 2227
Campus Location: Cadigan Center for Religious and Spritiual Life