Rev Megan with Christmas donkey

Rev. Megan McDermott is a priest at Grace Episcopal Church in Amherst, where she oversees the church’s ministry to college students. Megan is a recent graduate of Yale Divinity School, where she earned an M.Div degree, a diploma in Anglican Studies, and a certificate from the Institute of Sacred Music, an interdisciplinary program dedicated to religion and the arts. During her time at Yale, she worked in two different ecumenical worship settings (meaning for Christians of all different traditions & denominations) in addition to an Episcopal church. Megan earned her undergraduate degree in her home state of Pennsylvania, at Susquehanna University. There, Megan studied both Religion and Creative Writing, finding passions for both poetry and preaching. For a senior project, she wrote a feminist theological critique of Christian dating books! Megan is excited to have honest discussions on faith with anyone who’s interested and particularly hopes to be a source of encouragement for anyone looking for or hoping to explore feminist & LGBTQ+ affirming understandings of Christianity.

Position: Grace Episcopal Church Affiliate
Office Hours: By appointment
Contact Information:, 413-256-6754 ext. 7004