Everybody Has a Story Week

Monday thru Friday, September 26 - 30, lunchtime, Mezzanine (upstairs), Valentine Hall

During the week of September 26-30, 2016 a faculty member, staff member and student will share a meal together during the lunch period. Tables will be reserved upstairs in the Valentine Hall Mezzanine. Each person will have the opportunity to tell some of their story as well as to listen to others. Everybody Has a Story Week 2016 is one way we hope to prompt meaningful conversations with a mission to increase social cohesion across differing groups on campus and to provide opportunities for people to talk about some of their values and beliefs.  We hope that this event may facilitate 'below-the-surface" conversations and help to form lasting connections between people who might not have otherwise met.  Learn more and sign up at www.amherst.edu/go/story. For more information, please contact Maeve McNamara (mmcnamara@amherst.edu) or Paul Sorrentino (pvsorrentino@amherst.edu).

Hermenia T. Gardner Bi-Semester Worship Service

Sunday, October 2, 1 pm, Chapin Chapel

Hermenia T. Gardner Worship Series is designed for and by students to provide an on-campus Christian worship experience which affirms African-American religious traditions. The uniqueness of the African-American religious experience lends itself to the renewal of our deep spiritual feelings and to the uplifting of ourselves and our community. The Reverend Jean-Luc Charles '94 will be the preacher.  The entire college community is warmly invited to come share with us in the worship service and the reception. For more information, please contact Paul Sorrentino (pvsorrentino@amherst.edu).

Making Friends Across Our Differences: A Muslim, Christian & Buddhist Dialogue with Imam Jamal Rahman and Dr. Robert A. Jonas

Thursday, October 13, 7 pm, Cole Assembly, Converse Hall

This panel discussion will give our community an opportunity to think deeply about religious diversity, terrorism, and how religions do or do not contribute to a more just and peaceful world.  In addition, Mr. Rahman and Dr. Jonas will reflect on the power of personal spiritual practices to inspire and sustain our struggle for a better world.  Moderated by Rev. Dr. Paul Sorrentino.  For more information on Mr. Rahman, please visit http://www.jamalrahman.com/.  For more information on Dr. Jonas, please visit http://www.emptybell.org/bio.html.