A group of students sitting in a semi-circle on yoga mats


Learn more about this mindfulness practice that helps you to be with whatever is happening in an aware and self-loving way. 

Chairs on the Amherst College Quad in the summer with Mount Holyoke in the distance

Spiritual Counseling

Religious and Spiritual Life chaplains are available for one on one spiritual counseling. Sessions are tailored to the interests and needs of the student, staff, or faculty member

A line of students walking in the woods

Climate Justice

Religious and spiritual communities are increasingly working to remediate environmental racism and provide spiritual resources for climate grief.

A group of students practicing meditation in a sunlit room


A 30-minute practice of guided mindfulness, intimate conversation, and heartfelt words. 10 minutes each. No religion or belief in God required.

Three people sitting at a table in Val talking

Common Table

All are welcome to the Common Table—a casual, drop-in time to share lunch and conversation on a topic of spirituality, belief or values.

A group of students in a circle practicing meditation

Nourish Retreat

RSL’s annual overnight retreat offers Amherst students a chance to slow down, connect, and reflect across faith traditions and spiritual practices.