Keep in mind that environmental justice is multifaceted—all actions can contribute to the overall movement, and no one should be expected to do everything. Always make sure to take care of yourself, and do self-care!

 Practice sustainability in your daily life

Watch one of the 20 climate change documentaries recommended by Mashable—and look into the action items included with some of them

    Contact your representatives and ask them to take action on environmental justice

    • Visit to identify your local representatives either in Amherst or in your hometown
      • In Amherst, our national representative is James McGovern, and our senators are Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey
    • If you’d like to mail a letter, there is a postal box outside Converse Hall, by the parking lot. For templates (it’s recommended that you customize before sending):
    • Global Greenhouse Warming — template and sources for additional information
    • 350 offers talking points specifically focused on conservatives and a carbon price