Elizaveta Lozovaya

Elizaveta Lozovaya

Muslim Religious Advisor

105 Cadigan Center

I believe in the deep connection between spirituality and education. A person's mind is enlightened by faith and gains determination through seeking support from God. On the other end - any religion can lose its vitality if practiced without knowledge and understanding.

My focus in the community of Amherst College will be on the women’s issues of Islam. God willing, the Muslim faith group will continue developing the projects that will improve our own knowledge of Islam, and also share the essence of our religion with non-Muslims on campus. I pray and hope that the Muslim sisterhood will grow and contribute to the effort of the Office of Religious Life in multifaith initiatives and discussions. I'm trying to incorporate my experience as a former college teacher (Languages and Literature) and the present Muslim chaplain at Mount Holyoke and Amherst Colleges to achieve the balanced environment for learning and for clarifying the misconceptions about Islam within the college community.

Everyone is welcome to share ideas and thoughts with us, ask questions, and visit our activities.  may God reward you!

Welcome to the Muslim Community of Amherst College!

Information for the students who arrived on campus during the orientation. 

If you're fasting the last days of Ramadan, please consider using the college and local Islamic facilities to aid you in your religious practice. You can pick up some food items for the Sukhoors at the Valentine's Dining Hall during the dinner hours (4:30-7:30pm). All you have to do is to ask for the Manager on Duty and identify yourself as a Muslim student at Amherst College. Under the "Make Your Own Breakfast" program, you'll be able to put together a bag with breakfast items that don't need special storage and are easy to transport to your room. As for the Iftars, they are provided at the Hampshire mosque every night before the Maghrib prayer (www.hampshiremosque.org) inshaAllah or you can put together a plate at the Valentine's Hall and eat your food at the proper time. There's "Pita Pockets" restaurant in the downtown Amherst that caters Halal meat  - www.pitapocketsamherst.com. The following restaurant deliver to college events: "Taste of Lebanon" http://www.tasteoflebanonma.com/, "Priya Indian Cuisine" http://www.priyaindiancuisinechicopeema.com/ and "Pintu's Restaurant" http://pintusrestaurant.com/menu_main.html.

Please stay in touch via email with brother Mohammed (mabdelaal@amherst.edu) and with sister Liza (elozovaya@amherst.edu) to get updates on the group activities and to ask questions. Assalamu Aleikum!

Position:  Muslim Advisor
Office Hours: By Appointment
Contact Information:  Elizaveta Lozovaya