Roger A. Carrier

Roger A. Carrier

Catholic Advisor

105 Cadigan Center

I am very excited to be part of the Religious and Spiritual Life team and support the spiritual needs of the Amherst College community. The department's RAM approach (respectful with the beliefs of others, authentic to our own traditions, and to embrace and encourage meaningful engagement) provides a concise articulation of my personal philosophy and experience as a chaplain at Westfield State University.

My professional background is in computer engineering and I've worked as an IT executive for many years. However, after my ordination, I decided to leave the corporate world for work more consistent with my values. I began this chapter as a high school theology teacher and assistant chaplain at WSU. I am grateful to continue living out my discipleship as the Catholic Advisor at Amherst where I will be advising the Newman Club, facilitating social justice efforts and supporting communal praise and worship. My personal mission underlying these efforts is to help people understand that growth in faith begins with recognizing and reflecting upon one's personal experience of the Divine.

Off campus, my ministry consists of serving the faith community of St. Mary's in Westfield; teaching for the Diocesan Permanent Diaconate Formation and the Elms College Department of Religious Studies. I am also involved with Lay Ministry formation and supporting personal spirituality as a spiritual director.

In addition to Jesus Christ, my life is shaped by my best friend and spiritual companion - my wife Carol. We have two wonderful daughters: Sarah, an architect in D.C. who is married to Dave and a brand new mother to Emaline; and my younger daughter Amanda, a Religious Sister of Mercy that cooks and serves over 250 meals a day at the Thomas Merton soup kitchen in Bridgeport, CT.

Be sure to access the Newman Catholic Students Club for local Catholic news and events or email the club at ... See you around campus!


Position:  Catholic Advisor
Office Hours:  Tuesday, 4 - 5 PM, Cadigan Center
                          Thursday, 2:30 - 3:30 PM, Frost Cafe
                          Sunday, 6:15 - 7:30 PM, Valentine
                          Other times by appointment

Contact Information:  Amherst College, Box 2277, Amherst, MA 01002-5000; cellphone (860-558-0986); Roger Carrier