Amherst Christian Fellowship

The Amherst Christian Fellowship (ACF) is a trans-denominational Christian student organization committed to historic, orthodox Christian faith. ACF is open to all members of the campus community, be they exploring Christian faith or a follower of Christ. ACF is affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.
Advisor: Chris Gow

Amherst College Humanists

Many of us who do not identify with any particular religious tradition, because we are not theists, nonetheless value the sort of social fellowship and individual moral support and growth that religious communities often encourage.  Humanism at Amherst College, part of the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life, aims to provide all members of the Amherst Community opportunities to discuss important issues and share our individual perspectives in a safe environment conducive to measured, rational, and compassionate discourse.
Advisor: Jyl Gentzler

Hermenia T. Gardner Bi-Semester Christian Worship Series

Affirmations is an African-American Worship Series designed for and by students to provide an on-campus Christian worship experience which affirms African-American religious traditions.  The uniqueness of the African-American religious experience lends itself to the renewal of our deep spiritual feelings and to the uplifting of ourselves and our community.
Advisors:  Rev. Tim Adkins-Jones and JoDeanne Francis


Amherst Hillel is the Jewish student group on campus. Hillel organizes religious, educational, cultural, and social events for the Jewish community on campus. All meetings and events are open to the entire Five College community. We welcome participation by all interested in Judaism, including non-Jews and community members. Amherst Hillel (or its predescesor) has been an affiliate of Hillel International since 1943.
Advisor: Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association focuses on providing support for Muslim students and raising awareness of Islam throughout the community.
Advisors:  Mohammed M. Abdelaal, Elizaveta Lozovaya

Multifaith Council

The Multifaith Council is an inter-religious organization set on improving relations between various beliefs represented at Amherst College. The Multifaith Council hopes to increase opportunities for students to learn about one another’s beliefs and values and to promote public service activities as part of our shared commitment to bettering our community. Its ultimate goal is to foster the mutual respect and learning experiences which Amherst prides itself on.
Advisor: Harrison Blum

Newman Catholic Student Association

The Newman Catholic Student Association exists to support Catholic religious life at Amherst. Our first and most important meeting is each Sunday for Mass, but the Newman Catholic Student Association also opens doors to discussion, thoughtful reflection, and prayer events like the weekly Rosary. The Newman Catholic Student Association supports ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue and sponsors or co-sponsors social events, lectures and community outreach.
Advisor: Deacon Roger Carrier