The Newman Club is a Catholic student organization bound by faith and called to serve others on campus and in society. Our mission is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all students so that we may live our faith and deepen our spirituality through worship, friendship and action.
While Catholic Mass is celebrated together (usually at 5 pm., Chapin Chapel on Sundays - see schedule below), we also engage in:
              * Topical Discussions often with guest speakers
              * Bible Study
              * Prayer, Devotions and Retreats
              * Discipleship Service and Social Justice
              * Fellowship and Fun --- where all are welcome whether Catholic or just interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. Email us at to get involved.

See CALENDAR for Mass Times and Events.

See also Off-Campus Events and Invitations.

Catholic Advisor Deacon Roger Carrier is available at The Cadigan Center for Religious Life, 38 Woodside Avenue/PO Box 5000, Amherst MA 01002, email or cell phone (860) 558-0986.


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