Email to Catholic community mailing list. April 16, 2013.
I am writing for several reasons this morning.
  • Though I have many feelings and thoughts about it I would like to share my sense of shock, sadness and anger in the wake of the violence done at the Boston Marathon yesterday. At the same time I was grateful to be able to be in touch, especially through social media, especially as news and rumors spread.
  • I want to encourage each to reach out to the other and to help each one connect with the best resources. We are in an especially stressful time in the semester. We can get overwhelmed and isolated. I am reaching out, for instance, on Facebook, in this email, more importantly in person, and in prayer. I hope you are reaching out, too. 
  • Prayer. Perhaps in terms of prayer there is an aspiration, a breathed brief prayer -- or a Psalm, as Fr. Gawienowski preached about on Sunday -- or the Lord's Prayer -- or a prayer of the heart that you sing out on Memorial Hill.
Whatever form it will take, your prayer and thoughtful connection with others can make a positive response ripple through Creation.
-- Chris Clark, DHM