Welcome Statement

Submitted by Kaelan F. McCone on Friday, 6/17/2016, at 1:00 PM

Hello! Welcome to Amherst College’s QSN Chapter. We are a socially active group of students inclusive to the entire Amherst community who spend time with each other through events, small-group discussions, outings, and volunteer service. Our chapter emphasizes Quest Mentoring, which is why we have incorporated Quest Families into our chapter to foster supportive relationships and a sense of community. We have been officially recognized by Amherst for several years, and we plan on expanding the chapter by collaborating with other groups on campus.

We have begun collaborating more with the admissions office and have hosted events for admitted students’ weekend, among other things. Our faculty advisor and Dean of New Students, Dean Lopez, has been supportive of the chapter. We have also worked with the Associate Director of Student Life for Diversity & Community, who has been a great source of help. These relationships are prompting us to continue working with the Student Affairs and Student Life departments on campus, and more recently First-Year Orientation to make sure QuestBridge is represented within the Amherst Community.

We also hold many study break events with delicious food and even better company. One of our most successful events was a discussion called “The Quest for Belonging” where students shared their first semester experiences of community in relation to their socioeconomic backgrounds as QuestBridge Scholars. We’ve also held discussions with admissions on the significance of having a QSN Chapter on campus, and about what makes Quest so important to them. We hope to do more discussion-based events along with other community service events in the next year, and can’t wait for you to join us!