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Spring 2015 Schedule

Submitted by Sally P. Yuen on Sunday, 4/19/2015, at 10:12 AM

This is the 2015 spring schedule! Please note that not all meetings and lessons are in Morris Pratt this semester. We have a few dates in James and the Friedmann Room. Our spring milonga is scheduled for 4/18 in the Friedmann Room.

Club Meetings(6-8pm)


Morris Pratt Ballroom


James Hall


Morris Pratt Ballroom


Friedmann Room


Friedmann Room


No meeting – right before Spring Break


No meeting – during Spring Break


Morris Pratt Ballroom


Morris Pratt Ballroom


James Hall


Friedmann Room


Friedmann Room – Spring Milonga


Morris Pratt Ballroom




Spring 2014 Events

Submitted by Jordan B. Young on Monday, 4/14/2014, at 9:44 PM

Please click the link below for details on our numerous spring events! The PDF will open in your web browser.

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2013-2014 Fall Milonga

Submitted by Jordan B. Young on Sunday, 12/8/2013, at 12:30 AM

With the Cooperation of the Mount Holyoke Dance Department & the 
NeoTangoZone (a coproduction of TangoPulse and Northampton Tango)

All of these events are FREE of charge, except the Practica on Sat night which is only $5!

Saturday, Dec 7th

4:30-6:30 at Kendall Gym Studio 2 (Mt Holyoke Dance Department)

Music Workshop with Mari Black, violin, and Tilly Kimm, Piano; of Orquesta Sin Trabajo

"Take It Apart and See How It Works: Tango Music from the Inside"
How often do you get to be up close and personal with live tango music? How often do you get to pick the musicians' brains and find out how they are creating that musical experience? Now's your chance to do both! Come join seasoned tango musicians and arrangers Mari and Tilly for a tour through the inner workings of tango music. No lofty musical jargon or long-winded theoretical explanations; instead, we'll use examples from our favorite Golden Age songs to investigate the underlying structures of the music and then explore the ways different musicians play within these structures to create different moods, colors, and stories -- what we all know as the "complexity" of tango. All levels of musical and/or dance experience welcome -- just bring your ears, your questions, and your curiosity as we dive into the layers of tango music!

7-10:30 PM TangoPulse Tango Practica at Studio Helix, 150 Main st. Northampton (moved from its usual Sunday time)

Sunday, Dec 8th

All 3 Sunday events at: Seelye Dorm Lounge, 129 South Pleasant Street, Amherst. At the NW corner of the junction of Rte. 9 and rt.116. Park on the Amherst Green!

12 Noon - 1:30 PM- Tango Beginners Dance Workshop with Carlos Moreno and Tilly Kim

This one insane move will completely change your tango

In this workshop, we’ll explore rhythms and techniques to spice up even the simplest moves. We’ll focus on a super-secret challenge move that will take your dancing to a new level (that sounds fake, but it isn’t).

1:30 PM - 3 PM Intermediate Workshop with Carlos and Tilly

Tango illusions: Sacadas and drags

There are at least 48 distinct sacadas and 36 simple drags (yikes!), all of which create a characteristic illusion of sparring with the feet. Using the basic tango turn as a foundation, we’ll explore just a few of these combinations.

6-10 PM Amherst Fall Milonga with Live music by Sin Trabajo and dance performances with Carlos and Tilly.


Come on out and have some fun with us!


Submitted by Alexis Jaramillo on Thursday, 3/22/2012, at 3:09 PM

Everyone who collaborated and attended the Spring 2012 Milonga,

On behalf of the Peruvian Education Initiative (PEI) and the Tango Club, we would like to thank everyone who helped make this a very successful weekend for Tango at Amherst College and the Pioneer Valley. This marked the second collaboration between PEI and the Tango club this year.

The Milonga was beautiful, and the entire weekend was- in our minds- a great success!There was a nice turnout and we raised over $600 in donations for PEI. The money we raised is enough to pay for a month and a half’s tuition for all three of our sponsored students in Peru.  So, really PEI and the Tango club cannot thank you enough for helping us in our mission to combat the cycle of poverty in Peru.

We had a great time planning and organizing the Milonga! We hope each of the attendees enjoyed it as much as we did! 


Thanks again for all your support,

Laura Zaccagnino '12 and Alex Jaramillo '12



Thoughts of Tango

Submitted by Alexis Jaramillo on Thursday, 3/22/2012, at 2:53 PM

"I have been dancing for almost as long as I have been walking.  No dance has impacted my life more profoundly than Argentine Tango.  This story begins at Amherst College in January of 2007 when I attended my first Argentine Tango class with Professor Daniel Trenner.  That February I transferred to a University in Connecticut but returned every Thursday through Sunday to attend Professor Trenner’s local classes on Thursday nights, Friday classes at Mount Holyoke, and Friday evening lessons at Amherst Tango Club.  The following semester I transferred to Umass Amherst.  Over the next four years I continued to take every series and an independent study offered by Professor Trenner at Mount Holyoke, Smith, and Amherst College.  During this time I assisted Professor Trenner in his highschool, university and local classes.  In the Spring of 2009 I co-taught my first tango class with two of Professor Trenner’s other assistants for a special event at Smith College.   

While living in western Massachusetts I encouraged several friends to take classes with Professor Trenner.  For many, tango continues to be a part of their lives.  Aine Banfield, Marie Broadway, and Guillermo Ortiz, for example, continued on to organize the Hampshire College Salsa Rueda and Tango Club.  The club has been going for two and a half semesters and participates in a dynamic collaboration with Amherst Tango Club. 

I have remained in touch with several of my classmates from Professor Trenner’s early classes including the very first intersession class at Amherst College.  I have danced with and visited with professor Trenner’s students in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Buenos Aires. 

I am currently a grad student at Columbia University and I am involved in the Columbia & Bard Tango Club.  After graduating from Umass in 2010 I continued to feel a strong connection to the social tango scene in Western Massachusetts.  I have returned for local monthly dances and special events including every Mount Holyoke College and Amherst College Milonga weekend.  Most recently I was in town for the Amherst College Milonga Weekend with Rebecca Shulman March 9-11, 2012.  While there I enjoyed seeing old friends, meeting new friends and networking with past and present Amherst students.  Through Professor Trenner’s Argentine Tango Classes myself and numerous other Five College alumni have formed a strong connection to both local and global tango communities.  

Professor Trenner’s Argentine Tango classes are an extremely valuable source of social, dance, technique, and performance opportunities. It has been wonderful to watch the Amherst Tango Club grow into such a flourishing community that serves so many five college students and teaches them skills that they can continue to use wherever life leads them next."


-Erica Roper, Five College and Alumni Member of the Amherst College Argentine Tango Club 2007- 2012

Thoughts of Tango

Submitted by Alexis Jaramillo on Thursday, 3/22/2012, at 2:51 PM
"The Argentine Tango Club was an essential part of my Amherst experience. As a bumbling UMass student welcomed into Amherst College society, I found solace in the kind group of dancers. A modest club with an uncertain future, I took it upon myself to help bring it to campus-wide success. A year and two semesters of Co-Chairing with my good friend Alexis Jaramillo later, with two Milongas under our belt, that success was realized to a degree that surprised even my wildest dreams. Since my depature to Boston a year ago, Alexis and his team - led by the kindhearted, fun, and extremely experienced instructor Daniel Trenner - have continued the tradition and built a name instantly recognized by the average Amherst student, countless Five-College friends, and many non-student dancers throughout the valley. 
But beyond all that, Tango was fun. I'm blessed to have been a part of the club. Thanks, guys."
- Kevin Lutz, Ex-Chairman