A Typical Day

The floor of the cavernous room is paned with wood. On the lofty ceiling, a series of lamps pours blinding yellow light on the two dozen people below. Gathered in groups of two or four in courts lined with red, they are young men and women, flushed with health. You may notice that some clutch long metal rackets, which gleam dangerously in their hands. Sweat drips off their vigorous frames as they weave effortlessly across the floor. Now and then you will see a flick of the wrist, and hear a loud snapping sound. If you look carefully, you may see a blur of white, as a small feathered ball rockets across court. It explodes onto the floor and a young man pumps his fist into the air and roars triumphantly. The battle was won. 

Another typical day with the Amherst Badminton Club. Fall 2010 saw the birth of this new club, and its meteoric rise to become one of the largest recreational sports in the college. After negotiating bureaucracy, budgets, schedules and equipment, we have new gear, generous playing times and an enthusiastic team. Let’s play birdie!