Minutes 4/19

Program Board Minutes 4/19/10


How to Get Fired

  • Set-up and chairs will begin at 7:30
  • 203 will be used as a dressing room
  • Brin will make the facebook event


Spring Concert

  • T-shirt giveaway, Friday at 12PM in Keefe (Jen, Romen, Anna, Christina)
  • Schedule will be sent out Wed. night/ Thursday morning
  • Set up will start at 6:30 in the morning
  • Plan to stay until 1am, (but it may not be necessary)
  • Bring work


We are now closed to Co-Sponsorships for the year

  • If additional funding is needed for prior events allowances will be made
  • No new requests for funding



E-board Applications are due a week from Friday

Minutes 4/6

Program Board Minutes 4/5


Amiri Baraka Poetry Reading (Kenneth Sentamo) – April 10th

·      Poetry reading, book singing and dinner

·      Requesting – $350

·      Funded - $50, please go to AAS

Caribfest (Ashley McCall) – April 26th

·      annual event to recognize and celebrate Caribbean culture

·      Requesting - $1250

·      Funded - $50, please return to AAS

How To Get Fired – May 4th

·      Part of a series on graduating, like “How to Find an Apartment”

·      They will provide desserts

·      Anna will do the single event, Brin will do the four event  
poster, Ian will do the table tent

Spring Concert

·      T-shirt giveaway

·      Womens Lax v. Middlebury, Thursday at 5:30

·      Orchestra Concert, April 17th

·      Ask Lord Jeff to close for concert

If you would like to attend the Smith JaySean/Naughty by Nature  
Concert, please e-mail Jen TONIGHT with a request for no more than 1  

Program Board Banquet May 3rd

IMPORTANT: If you have a conflict please let Jen and Carrie know  
before next Monday’s meeting.

Minutes 3/22

Program Board Minutes - 3/22


DAM Concert and Film Screening (Amal Ahmad) – April 8th

·      Students for Justice in Palestine

·      Arab Israeli Hip Hop Band

·      Requesting $3,000

·      Funded - $200, with suggestions to go to other places


2nd Spring Bi-Semester

·      Hermenia T. Gardner worship service in Chapin

·      Requesting - $500

·      Funded - $250

·      Suggest AAS, Student Activities and Religion Dept. for further funding


Future Events

·      Film contest pushed back to Spring 2011


Spring Concert

·      Tickets for Amherst only go out on the 29th

·      Brin will make a Facebook for the concert

·      General tickets go out April 9th

·      Tabling schedule for Monday 3/29 is below

o   5- 6 Ian and Anna

o   6-7 Carrie, Steph, Jared

Program Board Minutes 3/8

Program Board Minutes 3/8



Please e-mail your schedule, phone number, and driving status (Are you licensed? Registered for school vehicles? Have your own car?) for Spring Concert Planning


If you could not come to the meeting please send your t-shirt size



            Russian Film Lecturers (Rina Vernovskaya) – April 9th

  • Requesting – $181.67
  • Funded - $41.60, with suggestion to go to AAS, SoCo, and other funding sources


Lovi Love as a great success – may return in the future

  • New ideas include possible Dr. Drew
  • He is an alum, but keep in mind expense


Game Room Tournament Idea

  • A student suggested a ping pong/pool tournament
  • no possible dates this semester, will consider for fall 2010
  • Ian will get in contact with him


Film Contest Idea

  • Romen and Alex have an idea on a campus video contest
  • Do more research and come up with mock-ups and solid ideas
  • Have publicity, entry form, rules, a judging panel (probably Helen von Schmitt and Dean Hart and some third person)
  • We can talk about prizes later  


How Not To Get Fired – May 4th

  • Brin will be point person
  • Remind people to get the popcorn machine running


Planning for next semester

  • Romen, Cathleen, and Alex


Spring Concert

  • T-shirts have been finalized

Opening act should be finaliz

Minutes 2/22


If you don’t reply to the e-mail we will assume that you are free all day and it is your responsibility to fill you shift.




Busboys & Poets (Maikha Jean-Baptiste) – March 26th

·      Open mic poetry event

·      Done twice a year

·      Requesting - $ 200


·      Recommend going to AAS first, come back if there is a short fall


Pride Alliance (Mwanzaa Brown) – March 30th & 31st , April 9th , April 13th

·      Kate Bornstien

o   Requesting $200, Funded $200

·      Barbra Coralis

o   Cannot fund b/c at Hampshire

·      Mara Levi Band –

o   Requesting $200, please come back

·      Ezra Axelrod (musician)

o   Requesting $200, Funded $200


Senior Ball (Marguerite DeClue & Tierney Healey) – April 29th

·      Requesting - $335

·      Funded - $335


Loni Love – March 4th

·      Carrie will reserve banner space and make a banner; also reserve dressing room

·      Brin will do Facebook

·      Romen, Alex, and Cathleen wil have table tents, posters, and mailing stuffers by Wed

·      Check contract for Best Week Ever usage rights

·      Send out to your own lists of friends

·      We need a mic ( Christina or Jen can set up the mic)


Spring Concert

·      Tickets will go out to AC students March 29th

·      General Tickets sales start April 9th

·      Still want for a contract from opening act

·      T-shirts will be first come, first serve

o   T-shirts should be ordered by Spring Break

Minutes 2/8

Program Board Minutes 2/8


Vusi Mahlasela

  • Shifts for the concert will begin at 3:30, when Val will deliver rider food
  • Shift will run per hour from 3:30 to 8:30
  • Last shift (8:30) will be there for after concert refreshment delivery
  • People working shifts must there at 4:30 to vote on food
  • Please send phone number and Friday availability


Spring Concert

  • Concert Headliner has been confirmed and will announced Wed. in the Student
  • Search for an opening act is still ongoing
  • Tickets will go out March 22nd in Keefe


Loni Love – March 4th

  • Committee for Loni Love is Romen, Cathleen, and Alex
  • Mock up for posters and flyers will be done for the meeting next week
  • E-mail Tierney Pheely for help and more information on Loni Love



ACPB Minutes 2/1




DIY presents Sage Francis – March 25th (Max Suechting)

  • In Mead Art Museum
  • Funded - $300


BSU Black History Month Movies (every Monday in Feb.) (Briana Hanny)

  • Asking for the cost for the rights to films
  • Funded – $215
  • Also speak to Black Studies Dept., American Studies, and History Dept.


SHE’s  Lizzie Simon Presentation

  • Experiences as a bipolar patient
  • Also go to Social Council, Five College Council, and Psych Dept.
  • Cc Denise McGoldrick and Dean Fatemi
  • Funded - $250


Vusi Mahlesa

  • Arriving at 3 on Friday
  • Shifts starting at 3:30
  • Concert starts at 8


Spring Concert

  • News of the undisclosed artist will be solid by the end of week
  • Renew and extend the bid until next week


Remaining Events




Loni Love – March 4th

  • Romen, Cathleen, and Alex are working on this subcommittee and will have mockups at next week
  • Need publicity ideas

ACPB MInutes 1/25

ATTN: Everyone e-mail to Sabrina Stavonor your name, e-mail, phone number, whether you have a car, and if you are registered to drive campus van, and if you are available to drive

Vusi Concert - Feb 13th
*    Buckley Music Hall
*    Not paying for, but doing promotion
*    Anna, Ishmael, Ian and new members  Josh Levitt 13,  Cathleen Villapudua 12
  o    Run it like a concert
  o    Table tents, posters, mailbox stuffing
  o    Ask professors if they will require the event for classes
*    Brin will make a facebook, announcement, calendar
*    Jen will e-mail what needs to be done

Loni Love - March 4th
*    Will not do teasers, have to some sort of publicity

Spring Concert - April 24th (with Formal 23rd, and Carnival 25th)
*    We have a bid out with an undisclosed artist
*    Artists will confirm Feb 2nd
*    Opening Act
  o    We need other suggestions - please use prettypolly.com to find new artists
  o    Please reply (NOT REPLY ALL) with suggestions

When your schedule is set please e-mail it to the ACPB e-mail account your Friday and Saturday schedule


Please join us, Monday nights at 7:30 p.m. downstairs in Valentine Dining Hall if you would like to be more involved.




Program Board Minutes 12/7

Ellen Gootblatt

·      Maybe moved to Freshmen Orientation next year under respect for persons
·      Generally well

Spring Semester Planning

·      Brin, Ian, Ishmael
·      Meet sometime before next Monday

Spring Concert

·      No Girl Talk or Drake
·      Another survey will be run, tomorrow if possible


·      3-D (Community Service Program of the Disabled), Sunday Dec. 13th
·      Requesting: $100
·      Funded: $100




Program Board Minutes 11/30


            AIDS Week Dinner


            Funded: funded by SoCo, will e-mail vote if additional funds are necessary

 Ellen Gootblatt – Thursday Dec. 4th  , 7:30p Friedmann Room

  • Change the calendar as the date is wrong,
  • Jen and Yin will do the banner
  • Posters are done and out
  • Jen will send out an e-mail about this

 Study Break - Dec. 10th

 Spring Concert Survey Results

  • The vote was very close
  • The Student will run its annual article for the concert

 Next Semester Survey Results

  • 1st choice: Comedian
  • 2nd  choice: Amherst Idol




Program Board Minutes 11/16/09


La Causa – Holiday Posada (Anna Castro, Christina Nieves)

  • Funded: $200 towards food
  • Additional money may be available through SCEF and Discretionary Funds

Open E-board Position

  • Current Publicity Chair, Michelle Huang ‘11, will be abroad for Spring 2010
  • A new chair will be need for the spring semester
  • If you are interested please e-mail Jen Rybak (jrybak10@amherst.edu) or Carrie Edmundson (cedmundson10@amherst.edu)

Ellen Gootblatt – Dec 4th at 8PM

  • Brin will be point person
  • Ian and Yin are driving and pick up
  • Anna will be designing the posters
  • Banner space needs to be reserved with Heather Polson
  • Announcements should be placed on the school website
  • Ellen will be doing Val Teasers at dinner

Spring Concert

  • More expensive acts ( ex. Goo Goo Dolls)  have been cut and replace with more affordable acts (ex. Ben Harper)
  • Availability for Girl Talk and Kid Cudi need to be checked before the ballot can be finalized



Program Board Minutes 11/9


THINK (Towards Humanitarianism in North Korea) – Oak and Gorski Concert (Jamie Oh)

  • Funded - $150

Ellen Gootblatt – Dec. 3rd

  • Friedmann Room, 8pm
  • Anna doing posters
  • Brin is Point Person


Spring Semester Planning

  • Student Films
  • Amherst Idol
  • Comedian Aziz Ansari
    • Appears in Funny People and TV’s Parks and Recreation

Spring Concert

  • New list distributed
  • Jen will send an e-mail about the new listing

Program Board Minutes 11/2
La Causa – Voices for the Voiceless (Christina Nieves)
·      Three day poetry event, with a performance with nationally known poets, a question/answer panel, spoken word event
·      Requesting – $500
·      Funded – $ 300, with the option to come back later
Student Activities  – Casino (Melanie Lyles)
·      Annual casino night to benefit a local charity which combats hunger and homelessness in the Valley
·      Requesting – $400
·      Funding - $400
Johnny Cardinale
·      Tomorrow at 8PM
·      Brin will send out a Facebook message
·      He will be doing a teaser in Val
·      At 7:15, there will be set up in Keefe
·      Christina will be there at 7 to set up Johnny’s sound equipment
Spring Concert artists – question marks are uncertain spring tours
·      Kid cudi
·      Ratatat
·      Drake
·      3OH3!
·      Akon
·      T-Pain (?)
·      Goo Goo Dolls
·      All American Rejects
·      OAR (?)
·      Jimmy Eat World
·      The Shins (?)
·      Passion Pit
·      TV on the Radio
·      Asher Roth
·      Gym Class Heroes
·      Phoenix
Next week (Nov. 9th) we will finalize the ballot      



Program Board Minutes 10/26


Swim Team Hour of Power (Kaitlin Wojnar)

  • Fundraiser for Cancer research
  • Need funding for poster printing costs and other advertisements
  • Funded $100


Robert Channing, Wrap-up

  • About 130 in attendance
  • There were a lot of freshmen, indicating that there are only few repeat attendees
  • Maybe take a break from this program next year


New AAS Rep – Roman Borselino ‘12

  • Chairs, Carrie and Jen, will be attending the AAS meeting next week

Johnny Cardinale – 11/3

  • Like Dane Cook, but less brash and annoying - http://www.thecollegeagency.com/artists/johnny_cardinale.cfm
  • Anna and Yin will be Co-Point person
  • Anna will also design the poster
  • Jen will reserve a banner space in Keefe
  • First Year Dorm Storming
  • There will be a teaser in Val before the show
  • Brin will make a facebook event

Spring Concert

  • List of prospective acts already made up and approved by Howie
  • Put up a scratch folder with the most popular song by each proposed artist
  • Everyone send 3 names to the PB account as suggestions for acts