Garden Club

Amherst Garden Club has now been around for three years, and always expanding. Located behind the Zu (Humphries House) we have 9 large outdoor garden boxes and a newly constructed greenhouse that houses four indoor beds. We grow a variety of vegetables, experiment with fall and winter crops, and give students a space to grow whatever vegetables, fruits and flowers they like.

In 2011, our garden started a partnership with Dining Services, after which Valentine began incorporating our produce into the menu whenever available, including basil, carrots, greens, tomatoes and soon to be more!

Garden Club also employs one student as a summer intern, who is supervised by the Dining Services staff, who is charged with both managing the garden and doing sustainability research for Valentine. Intern projects for this summer included: researching and proposing a switch to cage-free eggs, making contacts with more local farmers, attending local food conferences, and checking in with Val's suppliers to ensure that they are utilizing ethical and environmentally safe practices. Please email Deidre Nelms or Sam Slaby with any questions.

Please click here to join our listserv for updates on our current projects.