Submitted by Sophia Meyerson on Wednesday, 9/14/2011, at 9:16 AM

GlobeMed is a student-run national organization that aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity. There are 46 chapters at universities across the United States, and each chapter is partnered with a grassroots health organization. Through these partnerships, the chapters work to improve the health of people living in poverty.

Sustainable, long-term relationships are at the heart of GlobeMed's philosophy. Each chapter and its partner work together to develop and fund projects to benefit the partner's community. 

GlobeMed at Amherst is partnered with Pastoral de la Salud, a community health organization working in and around Cuscatlán, El Salvador. Pastoral is is a part of the Pastoral Social of the Catholic Church in El Salvador. Though part of the Catholic Church, Pastoral does not limit the care and resources to the communities it serves based on this religious affiliation. Pastoral de la Salud works in three regions of El Salvador. However, our chapter only works with the coordinator and community health worker team of one of these regions: Cuscatlán. 

Pastoral provides heath education, prevention, and natural medicine. Through community health workers and volunteers, Pastoral focuses on increasing access to healthcare, developing community outreach and holding education sessions on important health issues. 

Our chapter is working with this grassroots organization to develop and fund specific projects for the Cuscatlán region. Together we hope to improve access to high quality health education and care, and to advocate for the right to health.