From November 13 to November 20, 2014, the Green Amherst Project hosted a Week of Action to engage the Amherst community in a discussion about climate change, divestment from the coal industry, and sustainaiblity issues. Throughout the week, 532 students signed a petition stating that they support divestment from the coal industry, and asking the Amherst College Board of Trustees if they will support the students' desire and divest.

The Week's Events

November 13: "Climate Change 101"

A panel of Amherst College professors each discussed climate change, how to speak to deniers about the issue, and what we can do to create change. The profesors included Jan Dizard of the Environmental Studies, American Studies, and Anthropology and Sociology departments; Hannah Holleman of the Anthropology and Sociology department; Martin Medina Elizande of the Geology department; and David Jones of the Geology department.

November 14: "T-Shirt Stenciling"

Students on the Val quad stenciled the Divest Amherst logo onto t-shirts in order to spread awareness aboutt the issue.

November 17: "The Frontline Speaks"

The Green Amherst Project worked with La Causa, International Students' Association, and Native American Students' Association to create an event where students were able to speak about how climate change affected their personal lives and homes. Stories came from Polynesia, China, New Jersey, Hawaii, Canada, New York, Ecuador, and California.

November 18: "Rising Tea Levels"

Members of the Amherst College community engaged in a discussion about climate change and sustainability issues both on and off campus. Pete McLean of the Book & Plow Farm and Laura Draucker of Amherst College's Office of Environmental Sustainability helped moderate the discussions.

November 19: "Turn-Up Val"

In the front room of Val during dinner, students engaged in a demonstration to gain attention for the divestment cause.

November 20: "You've Got Mail"

In the final event of the week, Amherst College students gathered at the foot of Frost and created a human chain, delivering the petition and a letter to the Board of Trustees in a giant envelope. The protestors marched into Frost chanting "You've Got Mail!" and were welcomed by the Board's office. The letter and petition were placed in the Office with a message asking the Board to divest.