Submission Format Guidelines

Guidelines for submitting articles to the IULJ:

IULJ is dedicated to fostering scholarship and thought provoking, cutting-edge discussion of law in the liberal arts.

The journal accepts articles pertaining to the field of law in the liberal arts.  While submissions of any length are accepted, all submissions should be substantial and serious contributions to scholarship. 


Submission guidelines:

1. All submissions must contain the name of the author, no anonymous submissions will be accepted. (Multiple submissions by a single author are accepted.)
Note: All submissions should be the original work of the author.

2. Titles: Submissions should contain a suggestion for title once published, however, these are subject to the discretion of the editorial staff.

3. All submissions must be double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font.

4. Margins must be 1-inch on all sides.

5. Citations: All legal citations to cases in manuscripts submitted for publication should adhere to the format requirements of “The Bluebook – A Uniform System of Citation” (also known as the “Harvard Blue Book” or merely “The Blue Book”), which is available from It also may be available at local university's general and law libraries. In all other respects submissions should conform to the guidelines set out in the MLA Handbook.

Please cite all sources using footnotes or endnotes. Parenthetical citation will not be accepted

In the near future, we expect to provide an abbreviated reference guide for your assistance on the more common forms of legal citations.

Note: Citations are only required for substantive claims and material quoted from elsewhere
i.e. You do not need to cite where another made the claim "America is the greatest country in the world."

6. Article Length: Submissions of any length will be considered but we recommend no more than 30 typed pages double spaced (not including endnotes).

7. Abstract: All submissions must contain a max-200 word abstract detailing the topic of your paper and the argument you pursue.  Abstract should be attached at the beginning of your submission.

8. Submission Form: Please include the submission form (attachment below) with your submission.  Any article submitted without the submission form will not be considered for publication.


Note: All submissions must be exclusive to the IULJ



Required Submission Form