Suggested Readings

Submitted by Iris Aliaj on Friday, 1/7/2011, at 10:04 AM

For all of you interested in further exploring meditation practice, here is a list of suggested readings complied by our advisor Mark Hart.


Theravadin Practice:


Brach, Tara.  Radical Acceptance.  New York: Bantam, 2003.


Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree.  Wisdom Publications, 1995.


Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. Mindfulness with Breathing: A Manual for Serious Beginners.  Wisdom Publications, 1997.


Goldstein, Joseph.  The Experience of Insight.  Boulder, CO: Shambala, 1983.


Goldstein, Joseph & Jack Kornfield.   Seeking the Heart of Wisdom.  Boulder: Shambala, 1994.


Henepola Gunaratana.  Mindfulness in Plain English.  Boston: Wisdom Publication, 1994.


Kabat-Zinn, Jon.  Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness.  New York: Dell Publishing, 1990.


Kabat-Zinn, Jon.  Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life.  New York: Hyperion, 1994.


Khema, Ayya.  Being Nobody, Going Nowhere.  Boston: Wisdom, 1987.


Khema, Ayya.  Who Is My Self?  Boston: Wisdom, 1997.


Kornfield, Jack.  A Path with Heart: A Guide through the Perils and Promises of the Spiritual Life.  New York: Bantam Books, 1993.


Salzberg, Sharon.  Lovingkindness:  The Revolutionary Art of Happiness.  Boulder, CO: Shambala, 1995.


Salzberg, Sharon.  Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience.  New York: Riverhead, 2002.


Schmidt, Amy.  Knee Deep in Grace:  The Extraordinary Life and Teaching of Dipa Ma.  Lake Junaluska, NC: Presnet Perfect Books, 2003.


Sole-Leris, Amadeo.  Tranquility and Insight.  Boston: Shambala, 1986.  (This is probably out of print, but worth trying to find a used copy.)


Sumedho, Ajahn.  The Sound of Silence.  Bsoton: Wisdom, 2007.


U Pandita Sayadaw.  In This Very Life: The Liberation Teachings of the Buddha.  Boston, Wisdom, 1992.



Tibetan Practice (primarily Dzogchen and Mahamudra)


Makransky, John.  Awakening Through Love.  Boston: Wisdom, 2007.


Tsoknyi Rinpoche.  Carefree Dignity.  Hong Kong: Ranjung, 2000 (distributed by Random House).


Urgyen Rinpoche.  As It Is, vol. 2.  Hong Kong: Ranjung, 2000.



Zen Practice:


Beck, Charlotte Joko.  Everyday Zen.  San Francisco: Harper, 1989.


Suzuki, Shunryu.  Zen Mind, Beginners Mind.  New York: Weatherhill, 1970.



Other Buddhist Practice:


Hahn, Thich Nhat. Being Peace. Berkeley: Parallax Press, 1987.


Hahn, Thich Nhat. The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching. New York: Broadway, 1999.



Non-Buddhist (mostly Advaita Vedanta)


Adyashanti.  Emptiness Dancing. Los Gatos, CA: Open gate Publishing, 2004.


Adyashanti.  The End of Your World.  Boulder: Sounds True, 2008.


Frazier, Jan.  When Fear Falls Away: The Story of a Sudden Awakening.  Newburyport, MA: Weiser Books, 2007.


Nisargadatta Maharaj.  I Am That.  Durham, NC: The Acorn Press, 1973.


Tolle, Eckhardt.  The Power of Now.