Submitted by Chloe A. Revery on Monday, 5/5/2014, at 4:56 PM

Over the course of 7 days, from April 28th to May 5th, the Multifaith Council distributed a series of seven different table tents in the student cafeteria in an effort to provoke dialogue among the student body. The table tents were marked with one of seven different questions:

Monday, April 28th: "Why do we exist?"

Tuesday, April 29th: "What is the best advice or philosophy for living?"

Wednesday, April 30th: "What gives you certainty in your belief?"

Thursday, May 1st: "Is there a moral yardstick that applies to all cultures?"

Friday, May 2nd: "Can religion and science coexist?"

Saturday, May 3rd: "What happens when we die?"

Sunday, May 4th: "Does a higher power exist?"

We invited students to write their answers to these questions inside the table tents. We will post some of these answers anonymously in the coming days. Stay tuned!