Newman Catholic Students Association

  • Dresdiana Mavindidze '14, President
  • Nicole Umina '15, Vice President & Music Minister
  • Catherine Amaya  '14, Treasurer
  • Milton Rico '15, Fellowship Chair
  • David Desrosiers '14 Sacristan
  • Andre Lucas '14 Music Minister

The Newman Club is a resource for Catholics at Amherst or for those who would like to learn more about the Catholic faith. We celebrate Mass every Sunday evening at 5:00 PM in Chapin Chapel. Additionally, we hold weekly meetings on Wednesday evening at 9-10pm for rosary in Chapin Lounge (or Morrow prayer room). We devote the first half hour to rosary and the last to fellowship and prayer. Send us a message at to receive email updates, or visit our webpage here to learn more.

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