Off Campus Trips

For all outing club trips you must RSVP for yourself. No one can ask to hold a place for someone else.

If you do go on an off campus trip, we suggest you contribute $5 in dues. This goes towards reimbursing those who volunteer to drive. These dues are, however, optional.

Gear Rental

Remember, while we offer a lot of trips as a club, you can also organize your own. Gear rental is pretty simple. For more information about where/when to check out gear, email Elias Howe

We have a lot of gear available including:

  • sleds
  • skis
  • snowshoes
  • ice skates
  • bikes
  • trail maps
  • packs
  • other camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, etc.)

Lots of people would like to check things out, so customarily gear can only be checked out for one week/weekend at a time. Also, keep in mind that there is now a $10 deposit for all gear rentals (unless this is a financial hardship) which you will get back if you return your gear by the agreed upon date. If you fail to return your gear at the appointed time, you will lose your deposit, and if you haven't returned it within a month, it will be considered lost and you will be charged for it through your Amherst account.