• Dates: January 19-20
  • Fee: Free
  • Amherst Students: Apply online through Experience. Search Business Leadership Seminar.
  • 5-College Students: Submit application and Resume to

This seminar provides an opportunity for students to interact with leading professionals from the business community. The 2012 seminar features topics such as From Undegrad to Consultant, Fundamentals of Finance, The State of Corporate America, Advanced Degrees in Business: Where to Start and a variety of networking opportunities.

General questions should be directed to the Pre-Business Group at

The Seminar is designed to guide students through the modern job market and provide a forum for students and companies to explore new trends in today’s rapidly-changing business world. It offers an introduction to a wide range of fields in business and assists students in finding direction in a vast business world.

Not only does the Seminar offer an introduction to business, it also provides preparatory tools for participants to succeed in their careers. Its objective is to help talented students choose a career, secure employment, and excel in their job. Through the variety of speakers and topics covered, students gain exposure to a number of different career opportunities within the business world.

Seminar Benefits:

· Access to top Business Professionals

· Access to all Seminar lectures, presentations and course materials

· Resume published in the Business Leadership Resume Book and distributed to all Seminar presenters

· Access to all future Pre-Business Group events

· Resume templates and support

· Access to two catered receptions each day of the Seminar

· Opportunities to attend Presenter-Student dinners

· Ongoing support through the Pre-Business Group network